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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol BUI1
Gene Symbol Synonym BUI1, FH5, FH5/BUI1, RMD, OsRMD, OsFH5, FH5/RMD
Gene Name Synonym BENT UPPERMOST INTERNODE1, class II formin FH5, Rice Morphology Determinant, formin homology 5, Type II Formin FH5, forming family protein 5, FH2 protein 5, FH2 domain protein 5, rice morphology determinant1-1
Protein Name
Allele bui1, rmd, rmd-1, rmd-2, osfh5, rmd1-1
Chromosome No. 7
Explanation Q84ZL0, AF234296, HQ123580. actin-organizing protein. GO:0060918: auxin transport. Extensin family protein. TO: Indole-3-acetic acid content. GO:0070998: sensory perception of gravity.
Trait Class Vegetative organ - Culm
Seed - Morphological traits - Grain shape
Vegetative organ - Root
Tolerance and resistance - Stress tolerance
cDNA Accession No. AK120222
MSU ID LOC_Os07g40510.1
RAP ID Os07g0596300
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INSD Accession List
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Link map Classical linkage map
Chang S., Huang G., Wang D., Zhu W., Shi J., Yang L., Liang W., Xie Q., Zhang D.
Rice (N Y) 2022  15(1)  6
Rice SIAH E3 Ligases Interact with RMD Formin and Affect Plant Morphology.
Chang S., Ren Z., Liu C., Du P., Li J., Liu Z., Zhang F., Hou H., Shi J., Liang W., Yang L., Ren H., Zhang D.
Int J Mol Sci 2021  22(24) 
<i>OsFH3</i> Encodes a Type II Formin Required for Rice Morphogenesis.
Song Y., Li G., Nowak J., Zhang X., Xu D., Yang X., Huang G., Liang W., Yang L., Wang C., Bulone V., Nikoloski Z., Hu J., Persson S., Zhang D.
Plant Physiol. 2019  181(2)  630-644
The Rice actin-binding protein RMD Regulates Light-Dependent Shoot Gravitropism.
Fan C., Li Y., Hu Z., Hu H., Wang G., Li A., Wang Y., Tu Y., Xia T., Peng L., Feng S.
Plant Biotechnol. J. 2017   
Ectopic expression of a novel OsExtensin-like gene consistently enhances plant lodging resistance by regulating cell elongation and cell wall thickening in rice.
Li G., Liang W., Zhang X., Ren H., Hu J., Bennett M.J., Zhang D.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2014  111(28)  10377-82
Rice actin-binding protein RMD is a key link in the auxin-actin regulatory loop that controls cell growth.
Zhang Z,Zhang Y,Tan H,Wang Y,Li G,Liang W,Yuan Z,Hu J,Ren H,Zhang D
Plant Cell 2011  23(2)  681-700
RICE MORPHOLOGY DETERMINANT Encodes the Type II Formin FH5 and Regulates Rice Morphogenesis.
Yang W,Ren S,Zhang X,Gao M,Ye S,Qi Y,Zheng Y,Wang J,Zeng L,Li Q,Huang S,He Z
Plant Cell 2011  23(2)  661-80
BENT UPPERMOST INTERNODE1 Encodes the Class II Formin FH5 Crucial for Actin Organization and Rice Development.
Fatima Cvrcková, Marian Novotný, Denisa Pícková, Viktor Zárský
BMC Genomics 2004  5(1)  44
Formin homology 2 domains occur in multiple contexts in angiosperms.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology plasma membrane( GO:0005886 )
cytoplasm( GO:0005737 )
actin binding( GO:0003779 )
phosphoprotein phosphatase activity( GO:0004721 )
actin cytoskeleton organization( GO:0030036 )
regulation of vesicle-mediated transport( GO:0060627 )
regulation of cell growth( GO:0001558 )
response to auxin stimulus( GO:0009733 )
cell morphogenesis( GO:0000902 )
chloroplast( GO:0009507 )
unidimensional cell growth( GO:0009826 )
actin filament polymerization( GO:0030041 )
actin filament bundle formation( GO:0051017 )
barbed-end actin filament capping( GO:0051016 )
microtubule binding( GO:0008017 )
microtubule bundle formation( GO:0001578 )
regulation of actin nucleation( GO:0051125 )
microtubule cytoskeleton organization( GO:0000226 )
chloroplast envelope( GO:0009941 )
response to light stimulus( GO:0009416 )
circadian regulation of gene expression( GO:0032922 )
negative gravitropism( GO:0009959 )
Trait Ontology auxin sensitivity( TO:0000163 )
auxin content( TO:0002672 )
inflorescence shape( TO:0000268 )
seed shape( TO:0000484 )
panicle shape( TO:0000262 )
shoot habit( TO:0002756 )
light sensitivity( TO:0000075 )
seed size( TO:0000391 )
seed length( TO:0000146 )
primary branch number( TO:0000547 )
plant height( TO:0000207 )
root shape( TO:0002710 )
root anatomy and morphology trait( TO:0000043 )
gravity response trait( TO:0002693 )
Plant Ontology leaf( PO:0025034 )
columella root cap cell( PO:0020132 )
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