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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol BC12
Gene Symbol Synonym bc12, gdd, GDD1, BC12/GDD1, OsGDD1, OsBC12/GDD1, OsBC12
Gene Name Synonym Gibberellin-deficient dwarf 1, gibberellin-deficient dwarf1, kinesin-4 protein BRITTLE CULM12, kinesin-like protein BRITTLE CULM12, OsKinesin-4
Allele bc12-1, bc12-2, gdd1
Chromosome No. 9
Explanation LOC_Os09g02650. Q6YUL8.
Trait Class Vegetative organ - Culm
cDNA Accession No. AK100974
MSU ID LOC_Os09g02650.1
RAP ID Os09g0114500
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Link map Classical linkage map
Xu X., Walter W.J., Liu Q., Machens I., Nick P.
Sci Rep 2018  8(1)  3588
A rice class-XIV kinesin enters the nucleus in response to cold.
Li F., Liu S., Xu H., Xu Q.
Biotechnol Biofuels 2018  11  298
A novel FC17/CESA4 mutation causes increased biomass saccharification and lodging resistance by remodeling cell wall in rice.
Gong R., Cao H., Zhang J., Xie K., Wang D., Yu S.
Plant J. 2018  94(1)  32-47
Divergent functions of the GAGA-binding transcription factor family in rice.
Burman N., Bhatnagar A., Khurana J.P.
Plant Physiol. 2017   
OsbZIP48, a HY5 transcription factor ortholog, exerts pleiotropic effects in light-regulated development.
Wu B., Zhang B., Dai Y., Zhang L., Shang-Guan K., Peng Y., Zhou Y., Zhu Z.
Plant Physiol. 2012  159(4)  1440-52
Brittle culm15 encodes a membrane-associated chitinase-like protein required for cellulose biosynthesis in rice.
Li J,Jiang J,Qian Q,Xu Y,Zhang C,Xiao J,Du C,Luo W,Zou G,Chen M,Huang Y,Feng Y,Cheng Z,Yuan M,Chong K
Plant Cell 2011  23(2)  628-40
Mutation of Rice BC12/GDD1, Which Encodes a Kinesin-Like Protein That Binds to a GA Biosynthesis Gene Promoter, Leads to Dwarfism with Impaired Cell Elongation.
Zhang M., Zhang B., Qian Q., Yu Y., Li R., Zhang J., Liu X., Zeng D., Li J., Zhou Y.
Plant J. 2010  63(2)  312-328
Brittle Culm 12, a dual-targeting kinesin-4 protein, controls cell-cycle progression and wall properties in rice
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology microtubule motor activity( GO:0003777 )
ATP binding( GO:0005524 )
microtubule-based movement( GO:0007018 )
microtubule( GO:0005874 )
plus-end-directed microtubule motor activity( GO:0008574 )
microtubule binding( GO:0008017 )
sequence-specific DNA binding( GO:0043565 )
cell cycle( GO:0007049 )
cellulose microfibril organization( GO:0010215 )
plant-type cell wall biogenesis( GO:0009832 )
positive regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent( GO:0045893 )
regulation of cell proliferation( GO:0042127 )
cytoplasm( GO:0005737 )
nucleus( GO:0005634 )
kinesin complex( GO:0005871 )
cytoskeleton( GO:0005856 )
transcription, DNA-dependent( GO:0006351 )
regulation of growth( GO:0040008 )
regulation of gibberellic acid mediated signaling( GO:0009937 )
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Plant Ontology -
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