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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol PGI2
Gene Symbol Synonym Pgi2(Pgib), Pgib, Pgi_2, Pgi2, GPI-B, PGI-B, PHI-B, Pgi-b, PGI-b, SIS, OsSIS, OsPGI2
Gene Name Synonym Phosphoglucoisomerase2, Phosphoglucoisomerase 2, Phosphoglucoisomerase-2, Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase, cytosolic B, Phosphoglucose isomerase B, Phosphohexose isomerase B, "glucose-6-phosphate isomerase, cytosolic B", sugar isomerase
Allele Pgi2-1, Pgi2-2, Pgi2-3, Pgi2-4
Chromosome No. 6
Explanation Dimer. P(ST-H,PAGE-TC),L&C(ST-H). Interlocus hybrid bands occur. Differential allele frequencies between Indica and Japonica types. Thermomorphs are known. EC= P42863. D45218.
Trait Class Biochemical character
Coloration - Anthocyanin
cDNA Accession No. AK068236
MSU ID LOC_Os06g14510.1
RAP ID Os06g0256500
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Locate(cM) 67.0
Link map Classical linkage map
He Z., Zou T., Xiao Q., Yuan G., Liu M., Tao Y., Zhou D., Zhang X., Deng Q., Wang S., Zheng A., Zhu J., Liang Y., Yu X., Wang A., Liu H., Wang L., Li P., Li S.
Development 2021  148(6) 
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Pham, J.L., J.C. Glaszmann, R. Sano, P. Barbier, A. Ghesquiere and G. Second
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Sano, R. and P. Barbier
RGN 1985  2  60-62.
Analysis of five isoenzyme genes and chromosomal location of Amp-1.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID GR:0060603
Gene Ontology glycolysis( GO:0006096 )
glucose-6-phosphate isomerase activity( GO:0004347 )
cytosol( GO:0005829 )
gluconeogenesis( GO:0006094 )
flavonoid biosynthetic process( GO:0009813 )
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Plant Ontology -
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