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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol YAB5
Gene Symbol Synonym OsYABBY5, OsYAB3, YAB3, Os YABBY5, TOB1, OsTPB1
Protein Name PROTEIN YABBY 5
Allele tob1, osyab5
Chromosome No. 4
Explanation BAF15337. Q0JBF0. OsYAB3 in Dai et al. 2007.
Trait Class Vegetative organ - Leaf
Reproductive organ - Spikelet, flower, glume, awn
cDNA Accession No. AK070205
MSU ID LOC_Os04g45330.1
RAP ID Os04g0536300
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Zhang T., Wu A., Hu X., Deng Q., Ma Z., Su L.
PeerJ 2023  11  e14783
Comprehensive study of rice YABBY gene family: evolution, expression and interacting proteins analysis.
Zhang P., Zhu W., He Y., Fan J., Shi J., Fu R., Hu J., Li L., Zhang D., Liang W.
New Phytol. 2022   
THERMO-SENSITIVE BARREN PANICLE (TAP) is required for rice panicle and spikelet development at high ambient temperature.
Malik N., Ranjan R., Parida S.K., Agarwal P., Tyagi A.K.
Plant J. 2020  101(6)  1411-1429
Mediator subunit OsMED14_1 plays an important role in rice development.
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Plant Biotechnol. J. 2019   
Haplotype analysis of key genes governing grain yield and quality traits across 3K RG panel reveals scope for the development of tailor-made rice with enhanced genetic gains.
Tanaka W., Toriba T., Hirano H.Y.
New Phytol. 2017  215(2)  825-839
Three TOB1-related YABBY genes are required to maintain proper function of the spikelet and branch meristems in rice.
Li Y.Y., Shen A., Xiong W., Sun Q.L., Luo Q., Song T., Li Z.L., Luan W.J.
Rice (N Y) 2016  9(1)  46
Overexpression of OsHox32 Results in Pleiotropic Effects on Plant Type Architecture and Leaf Development in Rice.
Liu X., Li M., Liu K., Tang D., Sun M., Li Y., Shen Y., Du G., Cheng Z.
J. Exp. Bot. 2016  67(8)  2139-50
Semi-Rolled Leaf2 modulates rice leaf rolling by regulating abaxial side cell differentiation.
Khanday I., Das S., Chongloi G.L., Bansal M., Grossniklaus U., Vijayraghavan U.
Plant Physiol. 2016  172(1)  372-88
Genome-Wide Targets Regulated by the OsMADS1 Transcription Factor Reveals Its DNA Recognition Properties.
Tanaka W., Toriba T., Ohmori Y., Yoshida A., Kawai A., Mayama-Tsuchida T., Ichikawa H., Mitsuda N., Ohme-Takagi M., Hirano H.Y.
Plant Cell 2012  24(1)  80-95
The YABBY gene TONGARI-BOUSHI1 is involved in lateral organ development and maintenance of meristem organization in the rice spikelet.
Zhou, Dao-Xiu
Plant Physiol. 2007  144(1)  380-390
A WUSCHEL-LIKE HOMEOBOX Gene Represses a YABBY Gene Expression Required for Rice Leaf Development.
Toriba,T., Harada,K., Takamura,A., Nakamura,H., Ichikawa,H., Suzaki,T. and Hirano,H.
Molecular Genetics & Genomics (Molecular General Genetics up to 2001) 2007  277  457-468
Molecular characterization the YABBY gene family in Oryza sativa and expression analysis of OsYABBY1.
Jang S, Hur J, Kim SJ, Han MJ, Kim SR, An G.
Plant Mol. Biol. 2004  56(1)  133-143
Ectopic expression of OsYAB1 causes extra stamens and carpels in rice.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology leaf development( GO:0048366 )
flower development( GO:0009908 )
nucleus( GO:0005634 )
cell differentiation( GO:0030154 )
metal ion binding( GO:0046872 )
meristem maintenance( GO:0010073 )
floral organ development( GO:0048437 )
inflorescence development( GO:0010229 )
Trait Ontology leaf development trait( TO:0000655 )
flower development trait( TO:0000622 )
inflorescence development trait( TO:0000621 )
Plant Ontology leaf development stage( PO:0001050 )
floral organ primordium( PO:0025477 )
flower development stage( PO:0007615 )
vascular leaf primordium( PO:0000017 )
inflorescence development stage( PO:0001083 )
bract primordium( PO:0025487 )
spikelet( PO:0009051 )
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