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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol RF1B
Gene Symbol Synonym RF1b, Rf-1B, PPR7
Gene Name Synonym pentatricopeptide repeat motif containing gene 7, PPR motif-containing gene 7
Protein Name
Chromosome No. 10
Explanation LOC_Os10g35640. DQ311054. AB470407, AB470409.
Trait Class Reproductive organ - Pollination, fertilization, fertility - Fertility restoration
cDNA Accession No. AK069398
MSU ID LOC_Os10g35640.1
RAP ID Os10g0499500
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Ngangkham U., Parida S.K., De S., Anand Raj Kumar K., Singh A.K., Singh N.K., Mohapatra T.
Molecular Breeding 2010  26(2)  275-292
Genic markers for wild abortive (WA) cytoplasm based male sterility and its fertility restoration in rice
Ohta,H., Ogino,A., Kasai,M., Sano,Y. and Kanazawa,A.
Plant Cell Rep. 2010  29(4)  359-369
Fertility restoration by Ifr1 in rice with BT-type cytoplasmic male sterility is associated with a reduced level, but not processing, of atp6-orf79 co-transcribed RNA
Kato H,Tezuka K,Feng YY,Kawamoto T,Takahashi H,Mori K,Akagi H
Heredity 2007  99  516-24
Structural diversity and evolution of the Rf-1 locus in the genus Oryza.
Wang,Z., Zou,Y., Li,X., Zhang,Q., Chen,L., Wu,H., Su,D., Chen,Y., Guo,J., Luo,D., Long,Y., Zhong,Y. and Liu,Y.G.
Plant Cell 2006  18(3)  676-687
Cytoplasmic Male Sterility of Rice with Boro II Cytoplasm Is Caused by a Cytotoxic Peptide and Is Restored by Two Related PPR Motif Genes via Distinct Modes of mRNA Silencing.
Maekawa, M.
Mem. Fac. Agr. Hokkaido Univ. 1982  13(2)  146-177.
Studies on genetical difference between distantly related rice varieties.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology multicellular organismal development( GO:0007275 )
mitochondrion( GO:0005739 )
Trait Ontology fertility restoration trait( TO:0000497 )
Plant Ontology -
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