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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol EXPA7
Gene Symbol Synonym OsEXPA7, EXP7, OsEXP7, OsaEXPa1.26
Gene Name Synonym Expansin-A7, Alpha-expansin-7
Chromosome No. 3
Explanation Q852A1. AF247164(cDNA), AF394547(Genomic)
Trait Class Biochemical character
cDNA Accession No. AK101784
MSU ID LOC_Os03g60720.1
RAP ID Os03g0822000
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology cell wall( GO:0005618 )
extrinsic to membrane( GO:0019898 )
cytoplasmic membrane-bounded vesicle( GO:0016023 )
extracellular region( GO:0005576 )
plant-type cell wall organization( GO:0009664 )
Trait Ontology -
Plant Ontology -
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