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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol BIF2
Gene Symbol Synonym bif2, Osbif2, OsBIF2, OsPID, PID, OsAGC25, AGC25
Gene Name Synonym barren inflorescence2, barren inflorescence2-like serine/threonine protein kinase, rice ortholog of PINOID, OsPINOID, PINOID, AGC protein kinase 25
Allele ospid, ospid-1, ospid-2, ospid-3, ospidb-c1, ospidb-c2, pid, pid-c1, pid-c2, pid cr-25, pid cr-31
Chromosome No. 12
Explanation Q2QM77. GO:2000012 regulation of auxin polar transport, GO:0080167 response to karrikin. TO:0000754: cardinal organ part morphology trait.
Trait Class Biochemical character
Vegetative organ - Culm
Reproductive organ - Inflorescence
Reproductive organ - Pollination, fertilization, fertility
Tolerance and resistance - Stress tolerance
Reproductive organ - Spikelet, flower, glume, awn
cDNA Accession No. AK106290
MSU ID LOC_Os12g42020.1
RAP ID Os12g0614600
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Yu L., Yao M., Mao L., Ma T., Nie Y., Ma H., Shao K., An H., Zhao J.
Plant Biotechnol. J. 2023   
Rice DSP controls stigma, panicle and tiller primordium initiation.
Jiang Y., Liu X., Zhou M., Yang J., Ke S., Li Y.
Int J Mol Sci 2022  23(20) 
Genome-Wide Identification of the AGC Protein Kinase Gene Family Related to Photosynthesis in Rice (<i>Oryza sativa</i>).
He Y., Yan L., Ge C., Xue-Feng Yao, Han X., Wang R., Xiong L., Jiang L., Chun-Ming Liu, Zhao Y.
Plant Physiol. 2019  180(2)  926-936
<i>PINOID</i> Is Required for Formation of the Stigma and Style in Rice.
Xu M., Tang D., Cheng X., Zhang J., Tang Y., Tao Q., Shi W., You A., Gu M., Cheng Z., Yu H.
Plant Physiol. 2019  180(2)  952-965
OsPINOID Regulates Stigma and Ovule Initiation through Maintenance of the floral meristem by Auxin Signaling.
Yu J., Zao W., He Q., Kim T.S., Park Y.J.
Mol. Genet. Genomics 2017   
Genome-wide association study and gene set analysis for understanding candidate genes involved in salt tolerance at the rice seedling stage.
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MAPKs as a cross point in H2O2 and auxin signaling under combined cadmium and zinc stress in rice roots
Miyamoto K., Matsumoto T., Okada A., Komiyama K., Chujo T., Yoshikawa H., Nojiri H., Yamane H., Okada K.
PLoS ONE 2014  9(8)  e105823
Identification of target genes of the bZIP transcription factor OsTGAP1, whose overexpression causes elicitor-induced hyperaccumulation of diterpenoid phytoalexins in rice cells.
McSteen P,Malcomber S,Skirpan A,Lunde C,Wu X,Kellogg E,Hake S
Plant Physiol. 2007  144  1000-11
barren inflorescence2 Encodes a co-ortholog of the PINOID serine/threonine kinase and is required for organogenesis during inflorescence and vegetative development in maize.
Morita Y., KYOZUKA J.
Plant Cell Physiol. 2007  48(3)  540-9
Characterization of OsPID, the rice ortholog of PINOID, and its possible involvement in the control of polar auxin transport.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology chloroplast outer membrane( GO:0009707 )
auxin mediated signaling pathway( GO:0009734 )
plasma membrane( GO:0005886 )
cytoplasm( GO:0005737 )
nucleus( GO:0005634 )
style development( GO:0048479 )
ATP binding( GO:0005524 )
protein serine/threonine kinase activity( GO:0004674 )
inflorescence development( GO:0010229 )
root hair elongation( GO:0048767 )
cotyledon development( GO:0048825 )
shoot development( GO:0048367 )
root hair initiation( GO:0048766 )
response to salt stress( GO:0009651 )
pollen development( GO:0009555 )
positive gravitropism( GO:0009958 )
auxin polar transport( GO:0009926 )
flower development( GO:0009908 )
meristem growth( GO:0035266 )
ovule development( GO:0048481 )
specification of ovule identity( GO:0010622 )
maintenance of floral meristem identity( GO:0010076 )
cell surface( GO:0009986 )
root development( GO:0048364 )
stigma development( GO:0048480 )
Trait Ontology auxin sensitivity( TO:0000163 )
salt tolerance( TO:0006001 )
stamen number( TO:0000225 )
lodicule number( TO:0006010 )
sterility related trait( TO:0000485 )
anther shape( TO:0000214 )
floral organ number( TO:0006038 )
pedicel length( TO:0000630 )
spikelet number( TO:0000456 )
floral organ development trait( TO:0006022 )
inflorescence development trait( TO:0000621 )
tiller number( TO:0000346 )
Plant Ontology ovule development stage( PO:0007619 )
inflorescence development stage( PO:0001083 )
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