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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol MAPK4
Gene Symbol Synonym OsMAPK4, OsMAP2, OsMSRMK3, OsMPK4, OsMPK7, MAP2, MSRMK3, MPK4, MPK7, MAPK7, OsMAPK7
Gene Name Synonym Mitogen-activated protein kinase 4, MAP kinase 4, Multiple stress-responsive MAP kinase 3
Allele mapk7
Chromosome No. 6
Explanation EC= Q5Z859. AF216316. AJ512642. AJ251330. OsMPK7 in Zhao et al. 2014 and Jalmi and Sinha 2016. MAPK7 in Mao et al. 2019.
Trait Class Biochemical character
Tolerance and resistance - Disease resistance
Seed - Physiological traits - Dormancy
Tolerance and resistance - Stress tolerance
cDNA Accession No. AK071376
MSU ID LOC_Os06g48590.1
RAP ID Os06g0699400
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Wang D., Wang H., Liu Q., Tu R., Zhou X., Zhang Y., Wu W., Yu P., Chen D., Zhan X., Cao L., Cheng S., Shen X.
Plant Cell Rep. 2021  40(5)  835-850
Reduction of OsMPK6 activity by a R89K mutation induces cell death and bacterial blight resistance in rice.
Viana V.E., Carlos da Maia L., Busanello C., Pegoraro C., Costa de Oliveira A.
Plant Biol (Stuttg) 2021  23 Suppl 1  100-112
When rice gets the chills: comparative transcriptome profiling at germination shows WRKY transcription factor responses.
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Rice (N Y) 2019  12(1)  2
The MKKK62-MKK3-MAPK7/14 module negatively regulates seed dormancy in rice.
Nanda S., Wan P.J., Yuan S.Y., Lai F.X., Wang W.X., Fu Q.
Int J Mol Sci 2018  19(12) 
Differential Responses of <i>OsMPK</i>s in IR56 Rice to Two BPH Populations of Different Virulence Levels.
Jalmi S.K., Sinha A.K.
Sci Rep 2016  6  37974
Functional Involvement of a Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase Module, OsMKK3-OsMPK7-OsWRK30 in Mediating Resistance against Xanthomonas oryzae in Rice.
Zhang H., Liu Y., Wen F., Yao D., Wang L., Guo J., Ni L., Zhang A., Tan M., Jiang M.
J. Exp. Bot. 2014  65(20)  5795-809
A novel rice C2H2-type zinc finger protein, ZFP36, is a key player involved in abscisic acid-induced antioxidant defence and oxidative stress tolerance in rice.
Zhao F.Y.a, Han M.M.a, Zhang S.Y.b, Ren J.a, Hu F.a, Wang X.a
Russian Journal of Plant Physiology 2014  61  608-618
MAPKs as a cross point in H2O2 and auxin signaling under combined cadmium and zinc stress in rice roots
Shin H.Y., You M.K., Jeung J.U., Shin J.S.
Plant Cell Rep. 2014  33(8)  1343-53
OsMPK3 is a TEY-type rice MAPK in Group C and phosphorylates OsbHLH65, a transcription factor binding to the E-box element.
Park H.L., Lee S.W., Jung K.H., Hahn T.R., Cho M.H.
Phytochemistry 2013  96  57-71
Transcriptomic analysis of UV-treated rice leaves reveals UV-induced phytoalexin biosynthetic pathways and their regulatory networks in rice.
Song,D., Chen,J., Song,F. and Zheng,Z.
Plant Biol. 2006  8(5)  587-596
A novel rice MAPK gene, OsBIMK2, is involved in disease-resistance responses.
Agrawal,G.K., Agrawal,S.K., Shibato,J., Iwahashi,H. and Rakwal,R.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 2003  300(3)  775-783
Novel rice MAP kinases OsMSRMK3 and OsWJUMK1 involved in encountering diverse environmental stresses and developmental regulation.
Song F., Robert M Goodman
Planta 2002  215(6)  997-1005
OsBIMK1, a rice MAP kinase gene involved in disease resistance responses.
Wen,J.Q., Oono,K. and Imai,R.
Plant Physiol. 2002  129(4)  1880-1891
Two Novel Mitogen-Activated Protein Signaling Components, OsMEK1 and OsMAP1, Are Involved in a Moderate Low-Temperature Signaling Pathway in Rice.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology response to cold( GO:0009409 )
MAP kinase activity( GO:0004707 )
ATP binding( GO:0005524 )
protein amino acid phosphorylation( GO:0006468 )
response to stress( GO:0006950 )
response to UV( GO:0009411 )
response to abscisic acid stimulus( GO:0009737 )
defense response to bacterium( GO:0042742 )
response to hydrogen peroxide( GO:0042542 )
response to ethylene stimulus( GO:0009723 )
response to jasmonic acid stimulus( GO:0009753 )
response to salicylic acid stimulus( GO:0009751 )
response to wounding( GO:0009611 )
defense response, incompatible interaction( GO:0009814 )
defense response to insect( GO:0002213 )
regulation of seed dormancy( GO:2000033 )
Trait Ontology abscisic acid sensitivity( TO:0000615 )
UV light sensitivity( TO:0000160 )
bacterial blight disease resistance( TO:0000175 )
brown planthopper resistance( TO:0000424 )
jasmonic acid sensitivity( TO:0000172 )
ethylene sensitivity( TO:0000173 )
seed dormancy( TO:0000253 )
cold tolerance( TO:0000303 )
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