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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol RBCL
Gene Symbol Synonym rbcL, rbcA, OsrbcL
Gene Name Synonym Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase large chain precursor, Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase large chain, RuBisCO large subunit, ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase large chain, RUBISCO large chain, ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase large subunit
Chromosome No. Pt
Explanation EC= P0C510. P0C511(indica). P0C512(japonica). D00207. X04789. AY522329 (isolate 93-11 chloroplast comlete genome), AY522330: AAS46127: Nip064 (cultivar Nipponbare), AY522331 (isolate PA64S). HE573284 (Oryza meridionalis), HE577876 (Oryza coarctata). X15901:CAA34004 (Japonica Group chloroplast genome). GU592207:ADD62840 (Japonica chloroplast comlete genome). L24073 (a chimeric rbcL). JN861109, JN861110 (Indica Group chloroplast genome). AP006728 (Oryza nivara chloroplast genome).
Trait Class Biochemical character
Tolerance and resistance - Stress tolerance
cDNA Accession No. -
MSU ID LOC_Osp1g00420
Links Organelle Genome
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Cheng R., Gong L., Li Z., Liang Y.K.
J. Plant Physiol. 2019  232  39-50
Rice BIG gene is required for seedling viability.
Xu X., Chen Z., Shi Y.F., Wang H.M., He Y., Shi L., Chen T., Wu J.L., Zhang X.B.
BMC Plant Biol. 2018  18(1)  264
Functional inactivation of OsGCNT induces enhanced disease resistance to Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae in rice.
Qiu Z., Chen D., He L., Zhang S., Yang Z., Zhang Y., Wang Z., Ren D., Qian Q., Guo L., Zhu L.
Rice (N Y) 2018  11(1)  39
The rice white green leaf 2 gene causes defects in chloroplast development and affects the plastid ribosomal protein S9.
Lin D., Zheng K., Liu Z., Li Z., Teng S., Xu J., Dong Y.
Plant Genome 2018  11(1) 
Rice <i>TCM1</i> Encoding a Component of the TAC Complex is Required for Chloroplast Development under Cold Stress.
Li H., Ji G., Wang Y., Qian Q., Xu J., Sodmergen, Liu G., Zhao X., Chen M., Zhai W., Li D., Zhu L.
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WHITE PANICLE3, a Novel Nucleus-Encoded Mitochondrial Protein, Is Essential for Proper Development and Maintenance of Chloroplasts and Mitochondria in Rice.
Liu Z., Wang Z., Gu H., You J., Hu M., Zhang Y., Zhu Z., Wang Y., Liu S., Chen L., Liu X., Tian Y., Zhou S., Jiang L., Liu L., Wan J.
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Identification and Phenotypic Characterization of <i>ZEBRA LEAF16</i> Encoding a beta-hydroxyacyl-ACP dehydratase in Rice.
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Plant Cell Physiol. 2018   
A single nucleotide mutation of IspE gene participating in the MEP pathway for isoprenoid biosynthesis causes green-revertible yellow leaf phenotype in rice.
Xiao H., Xu Y., Ni C., Zhang Q., Zhong F., Huang J., Liu W., Peng L., Zhu Y., Hu J.
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A rice dual-localized pentatricopeptide repeat protein is involved in organellar RNA editing together with OsMORFs.
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Int J Mol Sci 2018  19(1) 
Identification and Comparative Analysis of Premature Senescence Leaf Mutants in Rice (Oryza sativa L.).
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G3 (Bethesda) 2018  8(1)  253-263
Rice <i>TSV3</i> Encoding Obg-Like GTPase Protein Is Essential for Chloroplast Development During the Early Leaf Stage Under Cold Stress.
Morita R., Nakagawa M., Takehisa H., Hayashi Y., Ichida H., Usuda S., Ichinose K., Abe H., Shirakawa Y., Sato T., Fujiwara M.T., Itoh R.D., Abe T.
Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem. 2017  81(2)  271-282
Heavy-ion beam mutagenesis identified an essential gene for chloroplast development under cold stress conditions during both early growth and tillering stages in rice.
Sheng Z., Lv Y., Li W., Luo R., Wei X., Xie L., Jiao G., Shao G., Wang J., Tang S., Hu P.
PLoS ONE 2017  12(5)  e0177989
Yellow-Leaf 1 encodes a magnesium-protoporphyrin IX monomethyl ester cyclase, involved in chlorophyll biosynthesis in rice (Oryza sativa L.).
Zhou K., Ren Y., Zhou F., Wang Y., Zhang L., Lyu J., Wang Y., Zhao S., Ma W., Zhang H., Wang L., Wang C., Wu F., Zhang X., Guo X., Cheng Z., Wang J., Lei C., Jiang L., Li Z., Wan J.
Planta 2017  245(1)  45-60
Young Seedling stripe1 encodes a chloroplast nucleoid-associated protein required for chloroplast development in rice seedlings.
Wang S., Lei C., Wang J., Ma J., Tang S., Wang C., Zhao K., Tian P., Zhang H., Qi C., Cheng Z., Zhang X., Guo X., Liu L., Wu C., Wan J.
J. Exp. Bot. 2017  68(5)  899-913
SPL33, encoding an eEF1A-like protein, negatively regulates cell death and defense responses in rice.
Sun J., Zheng T., Yu J., Wu T., Wang X., Chen G., Tian Y., Zhang H., Wang Y., Terzaghi W., Wang C., Wan J.
New Phytol. 2017   
TSV, a putative plastidic oxidoreductase, protects rice chloroplasts from cold stress during development by interacting with plastidic thioredoxin Z.
Zhang Z., Cui X., Wang Y., Wu J., Gu X., Lu T.
Mol Plant 2017  10(1)  86-98
The RNA Editing Factor wsp1 Is Essential for Chloroplast Development in Rice.
Zheng K., Zhao J., Lin D., Chen J., Xu J., Zhou H., Teng S., Dong Y.
Rice (N Y) 2016  9(1)  13
The Rice TCM5 Gene Encoding a Novel Deg protease protein is Essential for Chloroplast Development under High Temperatures.
Wang Y., Wang C., Zheng M., Lyu J., Xu Y., Li X., Niu M., Long W., Wang D., Wang H., Terzaghi W., Wang Y., Wan J.
Plant Physiol. 2016  170(4)  2110-23
WHITE PANICLE1, a Val-tRNA synthetase Regulating Chloroplast Ribosome Biogenesis in Rice, Is Essential for Early Chloroplast Development.
Zhang Z., Tan J., Shi Z., Xie Q., Xing Y., Liu C., Chen Q., Zhu H., Wang J., Zhang J., Zhang G.
Plant Physiol. 2016   
albino leaf 1 that Encodes the sole Octotricopeptide Repeat Protein Is Responsible for Chloroplast Development in Rice.
Wang Y., Zhang J., Shi X., Peng Y., Li P., Lin D., Dong Y., Teng S.
J. Exp. Bot. 2016   
Temperature-sensitive albino gene tcd5, encoding a monooxygenase, affects chloroplast development at low temperatures.
Li Y.Y., Shen A., Xiong W., Sun Q.L., Luo Q., Song T., Li Z.L., Luan W.J.
Rice (N Y) 2016  9(1)  46
Overexpression of OsHox32 Results in Pleiotropic Effects on Plant Type Architecture and Leaf Development in Rice.
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Overexpression of Rubisco Activase Decreases the Photosynthetic CO2 Assimilation Rate by Reducing Rubisco Content in Rice Leaves.
Zhang,T., Hu,S., Zhang,G., Pan,L., Zhang,X., Al-Mssallem,I.S. and Yu,J.
PLoS ONE 2012  7 (7)  E42041
The Organelle Genomes of Hassawi Rice (Oryza sativa L.) and Its Hybrid in Saudi Arabia: Genome Variation, Rearrangement, and Origins
Aliscioni,S., Bell,H.L., Besnard,G., Christin,P.A., Columbus,J.T., Duvall,M.R., Edwards,E.J., Giussani,L., Hasenstab-Lehman,K., Hilu,K.W., Hodkinson,T.R., Ingram,A.L., Kellog,E.A., Mashayekhi,S., Morrone,O., Osborne,C.P., Salamin,N., Schaefer,H., Spriggs,E., Smith,S.A. and Zuloaga,F.
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New grass phylogeny resolves deep evolutionary relationships and discovers C4 origins
Yang Q. , He H. , Li H. , Tian H. , Zhang J. , Zhai L. , Chen J. , Wu H. , Yi G. , He Z.H. , Peng X.
PLoS One 2011  6(5)  e20015
NOA1 Functions in a Temperature-Dependent Manner to Regulate Chlorophyll Biosynthesis and Rubisco Formation in Rice.
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Chloroplast genome sequences from total DNA for plant identification
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Increased Rubisco Content in Transgenic Rice Transformed with the 'Sense' rbcS Gene.
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The complete nucleotide sequence of wild rice (Oryza nivara) chloroplast genome: first genome wide comparative sequence analysis of wild and cultivated rice
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Rice mitochondrial genome contains a rearranged chloroplast gene cluster
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Rice chloroplast DNA molecules are heterogeneous as revealed by DNA sequences of a cluster of genes
Nishizawa,Y. and Hirai,A.
Jpn. J. Genet. 1987  62  389-395
Nucleotide sequence and expression of the gene for the large subunit of rice ribulose 1, 5-bisphosphate carboxylase
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DB Reference
Gramene ID GR:0100360
Gene Ontology magnesium ion binding( GO:0000287 )
monooxygenase activity( GO:0004497 )
chloroplast( GO:0009507 )
oxidation reduction( GO:0055114 )
ribulose-bisphosphate carboxylase activity( GO:0016984 )
reductive pentose-phosphate cycle( GO:0019253 )
plastid( GO:0009536 )
chloroplast ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase complex( GO:0009573 )
photorespiration( GO:0009853 )
carbon utilization by fixation of carbon dioxide( GO:0015977 )
response to gamma radiation( GO:0010332 )
Trait Ontology salt tolerance( TO:0006001 )
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