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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol RCN1
Gene Symbol Synonym Rcn1, FDR2, Fdr2, RCN1/FDR2, OsRCN1
Gene Name Synonym Cen-like protein FDR2, RICE CENTRORADIALIS 1
Chromosome No. 11
Explanation PEBP (Phosphatidylethanolamine-binding-protein) Gene Family. Putative phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein, Putative TFL1/CEN ortholog. TFL1/CEN-like gene. AF159882(Plant J.29 (6)743-750(2002)). PO:0006318; floret (sensu Poaceae) ; GRO:0007048; 04-stem elongation stage ; GRO:0007189; panicle stage PA1 ; GRO:0007044; 06-heading stage.
Trait Class Reproductive organ - Heading date
cDNA Accession No. AF159882
MSU ID LOC_Os11g05470.1
RAP ID Os11g0152500
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Tang H., Fan J., Wang R., Zhu J., Xiang X., Dong J., Zhou L., Wang L.
G3 (Bethesda) 2023  13(7) 
Changes in the expression pattern of OsWUS negatively regulate plant stature and panicle development in rice.
Beretta V.M., Franchini E., Ud Din I., Lacchini E., Van den Broeck L., Sozzani R., Orozco-Arroyo G., Caporali E., Adam H., Jouannic S., Gregis V., Kater M.M.
Plant J. 2023  115(2)  351-368
The ALOG family members OsG1L1 and OsG1L2 regulate inflorescence branching in rice.
Zhao C., Zhu M., Guo Y., Sun J., Ma W., Wang X.
Plants (Basel) 2022  11(12) 
Genomic Survey of <i>PEBP</i> Gene Family in Rice: Identification, Phylogenetic Analysis, and Expression Profiles in Organs and under Abiotic Stresses.
Yang X., Wang J., Dai Z., Zhao X., Miao X., Shi Z.
Rice (N Y) 2019  12(1)  40
miR156f integrates panicle architecture through genetic modulation of branch number and pedicel length pathways.
Wang L., Sun S., Jin J., Fu D., Yang X., Weng X., Xu C., Li X., Xiao J., Zhang Q.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2015  112(50)  15504-9
Coordinated regulation of vegetative and reproductive branching in rice.
Chardon F., Damerval C.
J. Mol. Evol. 2005  61(5)  579-90
Phylogenomic analysis of the PEBP gene family in cereals.
Zhang,S., Hu,W., Wang,L., Lin,C., Cong,B., Sun,C. and Luo,D.
Plant Sci. 2005  168(6)  1393-1408
TFL1/CEN-like genes control intercalary meristem activity and phase transition in rice
Nakagawa, M., K. Shimamoto and J. Kyozuka
Plant J. 2002  29 (6)  743-750
C2, rice TERMIAL FLOWER 1/CENTRORADIALIS homologs, confers delay of phase transition and altered panicle morphology in rice.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID GR:0100117
Gene Ontology response to light stimulus( GO:0009416 )
response to jasmonic acid stimulus( GO:0009753 )
response to abscisic acid stimulus( GO:0009737 )
phosphatidylethanolamine binding( GO:0008429 )
inflorescence development( GO:0010229 )
regulation of timing of transition from vegetative to reproductive phase( GO:0048510 )
Trait Ontology days to heading( TO:0000137 )
secondary branch number( TO:0000557 )
abscisic acid sensitivity( TO:0000615 )
jasmonic acid sensitivity( TO:0000172 )
light sensitivity( TO:0000075 )
Plant Ontology shoot apical meristem( PO:0020148 )
leaf sheath( PO:0020104 )
leaf lamina( PO:0020039 )
inflorescence( PO:0009049 )
vascular leaf( PO:0009025 )
root( PO:0009005 )
second order inflorescence branch( PO:0006322 )
primary inflorescence branch( PO:0006321 )
spikelet floret( PO:0009082 )
inflorescence meristem( PO:0000230 )
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