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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol WRKY53
Gene Symbol Synonym OsWRKY53, WRKY-53
Gene Name Synonym Rice WRKY gene53
Allele oswrky53, wrky53, Cr-oswrky53
Chromosome No. 5
Explanation BK005056. WRKY61 in Zhang and Wang (2005) and in Berri et al. (2009). WRKY51 in Wu et al. (2005) and Sun et al. 2014. XB21 interacting protein (XB21IP). the target of miRNA novel-0586-5p (Fang et al. 2017). GO:1900459: positive regulation of brassinosteroid mediated signaling pathway. GO:1903276: regulation of sodium ion export across plasma membrane. GO:1901001: negative regulation of response to salt stress.
Trait Class Vegetative organ - Leaf
Seed - Morphological traits
Seed - Morphological traits - Grain shape
Tolerance and resistance - Disease resistance
Tolerance and resistance - Insect resistance
Tolerance and resistance - Stress tolerance
Character as QTL - Plant growth activity
cDNA Accession No. AK121190
MSU ID LOC_Os05g27730.1
RAP ID Os05g0343400
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Rice WRKY Working Group
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology response to gibberellin stimulus( GO:0009739 )
response to salicylic acid stimulus( GO:0009751 )
response to jasmonic acid stimulus( GO:0009753 )
response to abscisic acid stimulus( GO:0009737 )
response to absence of light( GO:0009646 )
sodium ion homeostasis( GO:0055078 )
metal ion homeostasis( GO:0055065 )
response to symbiotic bacterium( GO:0009609 )
response to molecule of bacterial origin( GO:0002237 )
nucleus( GO:0005634 )
positive regulation of defense response( GO:0031349 )
unidimensional cell growth( GO:0009826 )
regulation of cell proliferation( GO:0042127 )
response to water deprivation( GO:0009414 )
transcription factor activity( GO:0003700 )
defense response( GO:0006952 )
response to wounding( GO:0009611 )
sequence-specific DNA binding( GO:0043565 )
defense response to fungus( GO:0050832 )
response to heat( GO:0009408 )
response to cold( GO:0009409 )
response to salt stress( GO:0009651 )
response to brassinosteroid stimulus( GO:0009741 )
brassinosteroid mediated signaling( GO:0009742 )
defense response to insect( GO:0002213 )
response to herbivore( GO:0080027 )
Trait Ontology blast disease( TO:0000074 )
drought tolerance( TO:0000276 )
cold tolerance( TO:0000303 )
heat tolerance( TO:0000259 )
salt tolerance( TO:0006001 )
leaf angle( TO:0000206 )
grain size( TO:0000397 )
seed size( TO:0000391 )
brassinosteroid sensitivity( TO:0002677 )
stem borer resistance( TO:0000454 )
brown planthopper resistance( TO:0000424 )
sheath blight disease resistance( TO:0000255 )
growth and development trait( TO:0000357 )
grain length( TO:0000734 )
light intensity sensitivity( TO:0000460 )
abscisic acid sensitivity( TO:0000615 )
jasmonic acid sensitivity( TO:0000172 )
gibberellic acid sensitivity( TO:0000166 )
Plant Ontology leaf( PO:0025034 )
leaf sheath( PO:0020104 )
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