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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol YAB1
Gene Symbol Synonym OsYAB1, FIL1, osFIL1
Gene Name Synonym YABBY1 gene, YABBY 1, OsYABBY1, Os YABBY1, FILAMENTOUS FLOWER 1, Protein YABBY 1, Protein FILAMENTOUS FLOWER 1, FIL homolog 1
Protein Name PROTEIN YABBY 1
Chromosome No. 7
Explanation Q7XIM7. AF098752. PO:0004705; stamen primordium ; PO:0004703; carpel primordium. GRO:0007178; ovule stage OV0 ; GRO:0007209; stamen stage ST0 ; GRO:0007157; panicle development.
Trait Class Other
cDNA Accession No. AK120952
MSU ID LOC_Os07g06620.1
RAP ID Os07g0160100
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The rice YABBY1 gene is involved in the feedback regulation of gibberellin metabolism.
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Ectopic expression of OsYAB1 causes extra stamens and carpels in rice.
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Genes Dev. 1999  13(9)  1079-1088
FILAMENTOUS FLOWER, a meristem and organ identity gene of Arabidopsis, encodes a protein with a zinc finger and HMG-related domains.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID GR:0080014
Gene Ontology DNA binding( GO:0003677 )
specification of floral organ number( GO:0048833 )
nucleus( GO:0005634 )
cell differentiation( GO:0030154 )
zinc ion binding( GO:0008270 )
Trait Ontology stamen number( TO:0000225 )
pistil anatomy and morphology trait( TO:0000223 )
Plant Ontology carpel primordium( PO:0004703 )
stamen primordium( PO:0004705 )
palea( PO:0009038 )
lemma( PO:0009037 )
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