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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol P5CS
Gene Symbol Synonym OsP5CS, P5CS1, OsP5CS1, OsALDH18B1, ALDH18B1, OsP5CS-1, P5CS-1
Gene Name Synonym delta1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase, Delta-1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase, pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase, proline carboxylate synthase 1, Aldehyde dehydrogenase 18B1
Chromosome No. 5
Explanation EC= Glutamate 5-kinase, GK, Gamma-glutamyl kinase. EC= Gamma-glutamyl phosphate reductase, GPR, Glutamate-5-semialdehyde dehydrogenase, Glutamyl-gamma-semialdehyde dehydrogenase. O04226. AY574031. D49714.
Trait Class Biochemical character
Seed - Physiological traits - Taste
Tolerance and resistance - Stress tolerance
cDNA Accession No. AK102633
MSU ID LOC_Os05g38150.1
RAP ID Os05g0455500
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Lou D., Lu S., Chen Z., Lin Y., Yu D., Yang X.
BMC Plant Biol. 2023  23(1)  53
Molecular characterization reveals that OsSAPK3 improves drought tolerance and grain yield in rice.
Yoo Y., Yoo Y.H., Lee D.Y., Jung K.H., Lee S.W., Park J.C.
Antioxidants (Basel) 2023  12(11) 
Caffeine Produced in Rice Plants Provides Tolerance to Water-Deficit Stress.
Li J., Meng L., Ren S., Jia C., Liu R., Jiang H., Chen J.
Plants (Basel) 2023  12(17) 
<i>OsGSTU17</i>, a Tau Class Glutathione S-Transferase Gene, Positively Regulates Drought Stress Tolerance in <i>Oryza sativa</i>.
Salsinha Y.C.F., Rini D.S., Indradewa D., Rachmawati D., Alam T., Purwestri Y.A.
Front Plant Sci 2023  14  1210241
Exogenously applied <i>Casuarina equisetifolia</i> leaf extracts act as an osmoprotectant on proline accumulation under drought stress in local rice from Indonesia.
Purwestri Y.A., Nurbaiti S., Putri S.P.M., Wahyuni I.M., Yulyani S.R., Sebastian A., Nuringtyas T.R., Yamaguchi N.
Plants (Basel) 2023  12(15) 
Seed Halopriming: A Promising Strategy to Induce salt tolerance in Indonesian Pigmented Rice.
Yan J., Ninkuu V., Fu Z., Yang T., Ren J., Li G., Yang X., Zeng H.
Front Plant Sci 2023  14  1163939
OsOLP1 contributes to drought tolerance in rice by regulating ABA biosynthesis and lignin accumulation.
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Ectopic Expression of a Maize Gene <i>ZmDUF1645</i> in Rice Increases Grain Length and Yield, but Reduces Drought Stress Tolerance.
Zhao J., Meng X., Zhang Z., Wang M., Nie F., Liu Q.
Int J Mol Sci 2023  24(9) 
<i>OsLPR5</i> Encoding Ferroxidase Positively Regulates the Tolerance to Salt Stress in Rice.
Renuka N., Barvkar V.T., Ansari Z., Zhao C., Wang C., Zhang Y., Nadaf A.B.
Sci Rep 2022  12(1)  3911
Co-functioning of 2AP precursor amino acids enhances 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline under salt stress in aromatic rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars.
Freeg H.A., Attia K.A., Casson S., Fiaz S., Ramadan E.A., Banna A.E., Zoulias N., Aboshosha A., Alamery S.
PLoS ONE 2022  17(3)  e0266087
Physio-biochemical responses and expressional profiling analysis of drought tolerant genes in new promising rice genotype.
Prodhan Z.H., Islam S.A., Alam M.S., Li S., Jiang M., Tan Y., Shu Q.
Plants (Basel) 2022  11(21) 
Impact of <i>OsBadh2</i> Mutations on Salt Stress Response in Rice.
Luo C., Min W., Akhtar M., Lu X., Bai X., Zhang Y., Tian L., Li P.
Int J Mol Sci 2022  23(20) 
Melatonin Enhances Drought Tolerance in Rice Seedlings by Modulating Antioxidant Systems, Osmoregulation, and Corresponding Gene Expression.
Ge L., Guo H., Li X., Tang M., Guo C., Bao H., Huang L., Yi Y., Cui Y., Chen L.
Front Plant Sci 2022  13  863233
OsSIDP301, a Member of the DUF1644 Family, Negatively Regulates Salt Stress and grain size in Rice.
Jadoon S., Qin Q., Shi W., Longfeng Y., Hou S.
Front Plant Sci 2022  13  990575
Rice protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunits OsINH2 and OsINH3 participate actively in growth and adaptive responses under abscisic acid.
Sun Y., Song K., Guo M., Wu H., Ji X., Hou L., Liu X., Lu S.
Int J Mol Sci 2022  23(12) 
A NAC Transcription Factor from 'Sea Rice 86' Enhances salt tolerance by Promoting Hydrogen Sulfide Production in Rice Seedlings.
Lu X., Min W., Shi Y., Tian L., Li P., Ma T., Zhang Y., Luo C.
Front Plant Sci 2022  13  849553
Exogenous Melatonin Alleviates Alkaline Stress by Removing Reactive Oxygen Species and Promoting Antioxidant Defence in Rice Seedlings.
Huang S., Hu L., Zhang S., Zhang M., Jiang W., Wu T., Du X.
Int J Mol Sci 2021  22(16) 
Rice OsWRKY50 Mediates ABA-Dependent Seed Germination and Seedling Growth, and ABA-Independent Salt Stress Tolerance.
Arabia S., Shah M.N.A., Sami A.A., Ghosh A., Islam T.
Physiol Mol Biol Plants 2021  27(7)  1469-1485
Identification and expression profiling of proline metabolizing genes in <i>Arabidopsis thaliana</i> and <i>Oryza sativa</i> to reveal their stress-specific transcript alteration.
Jung Y.J., Go J.Y., Lee H.J., Park J.S., Kim J.Y., Lee Y.J., Ahn M.J., Kim M.S., Cho Y.G., Kwak S.S., Kim H.S., Kang K.K.
Genes (Basel) 2021  12(12) 
Overexpression of Orange Gene (<i>OsOr</i>-R115H) Enhances Heat Tolerance and Defense-Related Gene Expression in Rice (<i>Oryza sativa</i> L.).
Nguyen H.T.T., Das Bhowmik S., Long H., Cheng Y., Mundree S., Hoang L.T.M.
Plants (Basel) 2021  10(10) 
Rapid Accumulation of Proline Enhances Salinity Tolerance in Australian Wild Rice <i>Oryza australiensis</i> Domin.
Li X., Yu B., Wu Q., Min Q., Zeng R., Xie Z., Huang J.
PLoS Genet. 2021  17(8)  e1009699
OsMADS23 phosphorylated by SAPK9 confers drought and salt tolerance by regulating ABA biosynthesis in rice.
Cao X., Wu L., Wu M., Zhu C., Jin Q., Zhang J.
BMC Plant Biol. 2020  20(1)  198
Abscisic acid mediated proline biosynthesis and antioxidant ability in roots of two different rice genotypes under hypoxic stress.
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Overexpression of a microRNA-targeted NAC transcription factor improves drought and salt tolerance in Rice via ABA-mediated pathways.
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Biomass Accumulation and Cell Wall Structure of Rice Plants Overexpressing a Dirigent-Jacalin of Sugarcane (<i>ShDJ</i>) Under Varying Conditions of Water Availability.
Chen J., Qi T., Hu Z., Fan X., Zhu L., Iqbal M.F., Yin X., Xu G., Fan X.
Front Plant Sci 2019  10  197
<i>OsNAR2.1</i> Positively Regulates drought tolerance and grain yield Under Drought Stress Conditions in Rice.
Das P., Lakra N., Nutan K.K., Singla-Pareek SL., Pareek A.
Rice (N Y) 2019  12(1)  58
A unique bZIP transcription factor imparting multiple stress tolerance in Rice.
Tang Y., Bao X., Zhi Y., Wu Q., Guo Y., Yin X., Zeng L., Li J., Zhang J., He W., Liu W., Wang Q., Jia C., Li Z., Liu K.
Front Plant Sci 2019  10  168
Overexpression of a MYB Family Gene, <i>OsMYB6</i>, Increases Drought and Salinity Stress Tolerance in Transgenic Rice.
Liu J., Sun X., Liao W., Zhang J., Liang J., Xu W.
Rice (N Y) 2019  12(1)  82
Involvement of OsGF14b Adaptation in the Drought Resistance of Rice Plants.
Jin Y., Pan W., Zheng X., Cheng X., Liu M., Ma H., Ge X.
Plant Mol. Biol. 2018  98(1-2)  51-65
OsERF101, an ERF family transcription factor, regulates drought stress response in reproductive tissues.
Xu N., Chu Y., Chen H., Li X., Wu Q., Jin L., Wang G., Huang J.
PLoS Genet. 2018  14(10)  e1007662
Rice transcription factor OsMADS25 modulates root growth and confers salinity tolerance via the ABA-mediated regulatory pathway and ROS scavenging.
Liu Y., Xu C., Zhu Y., Zhang L., Chen T., Zhou F., Chen H., Lin Y.
J Integr Plant Biol 2018  60(2)  173-188
The calcium-dependent kinase OsCPK24 functions in cold stress responses in rice.
Manimaran P., Venkata Reddy S., Moin M., Raghurami Reddy M., Yugandhar P., Mohanraj S.S., Balachandran S.M., Kirti P.B.
Sci Rep 2017  7(1)  9341
Activation-tagging in indica rice identifies a novel transcription factor subunit, NF-YC13 associated with salt tolerance.
Zarattini M., Forlani G.
Front Plant Sci 2017  8  927
Toward Unveiling the Mechanisms for Transcriptional Regulation of Proline Biosynthesis in the Plant Cell Response to Biotic and Abiotic Stress Conditions.
Lou D., Wang H., Liang G., Yu D.
Front Plant Sci 2017  8  993
OsSAPK2 Confers Abscisic Acid Sensitivity and Tolerance to Drought Stress in Rice.
Yin X., Cui Y., Wang M., Xia X.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 2017  490(4)  1355-1361
Overexpression of a novel MYB-related transcription factor, OsMYBR1, confers improved drought tolerance and decreased ABA sensitivity in rice.
Jing P., Zou J., Kong L., Hu S., Wang B., Yang J., Xie G.
Plant Sci. 2016  247  104-14
OsCCD1, a novel small calcium-binding protein with one EF-hand motif, positively regulates osmotic and salt tolerance in rice.
Hong Y., Zhang H., Huang L., Li D., Song F.
Front Plant Sci 2016  7  4
Overexpression of a Stress-Responsive NAC Transcription Factor Gene ONAC022 Improves Drought and salt tolerance in Rice.
Yuan X., Sun H., Tang Z., Tang H., Zhang H., Huang J.
Plant Molecular Biology Reporter volume 2015  34  524-532
A Novel Little Membrane Protein Confers salt tolerance in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Xiong H., Li J., Liu P., Duan J., Zhao Y., Guo X., Li Y., Zhang H., Ali J., Li Z.
PLoS ONE 2014  9(3)  e92913
Overexpression of OsMYB48-1, a Novel MYB-Related Transcription Factor, Enhances Drought and Salinity Tolerance in Rice.
Luo C., Guo C., Wang W., Wang L., Chen L.
Plant Cell Rep. 2014  33(2)  323-36
Overexpression of a new stress-repressive gene OsDSR2 encoding a protein with a DUF966 domain increases salt and simulated drought stress sensitivities and reduces ABA sensitivity in rice.
Ke Y.G.a b, Yang Z.J.a, Yu S.W.b, Li T.F.b, Wu J.H.b, Gao H.b, Fu Y.P.c, Luo L.J.a b
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Characterization of OsDREB6 responsive to osmotic and cold stresses in rice
Chen M., Zhao Y., Zhuo C., Lu S., Guo Z.
Plant Biotechnol. J. 2014   
Overexpression of a NF-YC transcription factor from bermudagrass confers tolerance to drought and salinity in transgenic rice.
Zhang X.a, Tang W.a, Liu J.b, Liu Y.a b
Chinese Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology 2014  20  717-722
Co-expression of rice OsP5CS1 and OsP5CS2 genes in transgenic tobacco resulted in elevated proline biosynthesis and enhanced abiotic stress tolerance
Wei S., Hu W., Deng X., Zhang Y., Liu X., Zhao X., Luo Q., Jin Z., Li Y., Zhou S., Sun T., Wang L., Yang G., He G.
BMC Plant Biol. 2014  14  133
A rice calcium-dependent protein kinase OsCPK9 positively regulates drought stress tolerance and spikelet fertility.
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Differences in growth and physiology of rice in response to different saline-alkaline stress factors
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DNA methylation involved in proline accumulation in response to osmotic stress in rice (Oryza sativa)
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Plant Mol. Biol. 2013  83(4-5)  351-63
Isolation and characterization of rice (Oryza sativa L.) E3-ubiquitin ligase OsHOS1 gene in the modulation of cold stress response.
Huang J., Sun S., Xu D., Lan H., Sun H., Wang Z., Bao Y., Wang J., Tang H., Zhang H.
Plant Mol. Biol. 2012  80(3)  337-50
A TFIIIA-type zinc finger protein confers multiple abiotic stress tolerances in transgenic rice (Oryza sativa L.).
Wang H., Ahan J., Wu Z., Shi D., Liu B., Yang C.
Plant Soil 2012  355  131-147
Alteration of nitrogen metabolism in rice variety 'Nipponbare' induced by alkali stress
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Plant Cell Environ. 2012  35(3)  626-43
Expression of the Aeluropus littoralis AlSAP gene in rice confers broad tolerance to abiotic stresses through maintenance of photosynthesis.
Asano T., Hakata M., Nakamura H., Aoki N., Komatsu S., Ichikawa H., Hirochika H., Ohsugi R.
Plant Mol. Biol. 2011  75(1)  179-191
Functional characterisation of OsCPK21, a calcium-dependent protein kinase that confers salt tolerance in rice.
Simeon O Kotchoni, Jose C Jimenez-Lopez, Gao D., Edwards V., Emma W Gachomo, Venu M Margam, Manfredo J Seufferheld
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Modeling-dependent protein characterization of the rice aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) superfamily reveals distinct functional and structural features.
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Journal of Experimental Botany 2010  61(10)  2807-2818
Functional analysis of a novel Cys2/His2-type zinc finger protein involved in salt tolerance in rice.
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Increased tolerance of rice to cold, drought and oxidative stresses mediated by the overexpression of a gene that encodes the zinc finger protein ZFP245.
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FEBS Lett. 2008  582  1037-1043
Overexpression of a TFIIIA-type zinc finger protein gene ZFP252 enhances drought and salt tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Liu K,Wang L,Xu Y,Chen N,Ma Q,Li F,Chong K
Planta. 2007  226  1007-16
Overexpression of OsCOIN, a putative cold inducible zinc finger protein, increased tolerance to chilling, salt and drought, and enhanced proline level in rice.
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Plant Mol. Biol. 1997  33(5)  857-865
Characterization of the gene for delta1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase and correlation between the expression of the gene and salt tolerance in Oryza sativa L.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology response to organic substance( GO:0010033 )
response to desiccation( GO:0009269 )
response to cold( GO:0009409 )
response to oxidative stress( GO:0006979 )
oxidation reduction( GO:0055114 )
response to abscisic acid stimulus( GO:0009737 )
response to osmotic stress( GO:0006970 )
response to hormone stimulus( GO:0009725 )
response to heat( GO:0009408 )
glutamate-5-semialdehyde dehydrogenase activity( GO:0004350 )
response to salt stress( GO:0009651 )
glutamate 5-kinase activity( GO:0004349 )
ATP binding( GO:0005524 )
cytoplasm( GO:0005737 )
proline biosynthetic process( GO:0006561 )
response to water deprivation( GO:0009414 )
Trait Ontology osmotic adjustment capacity( TO:0000507 )
drought tolerance( TO:0000276 )
salt tolerance( TO:0006001 )
osmotic response sensitivity( TO:0000095 )
abscisic acid sensitivity( TO:0000615 )
proline content( TO:0006002 )
heat tolerance( TO:0000259 )
plant growth hormone sensitivity( TO:0000401 )
aroma( TO:0000087 )
oxidative stress( TO:0002657 )
cold tolerance( TO:0000303 )
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