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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol NAC8
Gene Symbol Synonym OsNAC8, ONAC074, ONAC74, NAC74, OsNAC8/ONAC074, OsNTL3, NTL3
Gene Name Synonym OsNAC8 protein, NAC domain-containing protein 8, NAC domain-containing protein 074, NAC domain-containing protein 74, NAC membrane-bound transcription factor 3, NAC MTF3
Allele ntl3-1, ntl3-2
Chromosome No. 1
Explanation AB028187. Q7GCL7.
Trait Class Tolerance and resistance - Stress tolerance
cDNA Accession No. AK102808
MSU ID LOC_Os01g15640.1
RAP ID Os01g0261200
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Liu X.H., Lyu Y.S., Yang W., Yang Z.T., Lu S.J., Liu J.X.
Plant Biotechnol. J. 2020  18(5)  1317-1329
A membrane-associated NAC transcription factor OsNTL3 is involved in thermotolerance in rice.
Sang-Gyu Kim, Lee S., Pil Joon Seo, Soon-Kap Kim, Jeong-Kook Kim, Chung-Mo Park
Genomics 2010  95(1)  56-65
Genome-scale screening and molecular characterization of membrane-bound transcription factors in Arabidopsis and rice.
Shen H., Yin Y., Chen F., Xu Y., Richard A. Dixon
Bioenerg. Res. 2009  2  217–232
A Bioinformatic Analysis of NAC Genes for Plant Cell Wall Development in Relation to Lignocellulosic Bioenergy Production
Fang Y., You J., Xie K., Xie W., Xiong L.
Mol. Genet. Genomics 2008  280(6)  547-63
Systematic sequence analysis and identification of tissue-specific or stress-responsive genes of NAC transcription factor family in rice.
Ooka H., Satoh K., Doi K., Nagata T., Otomo Y., Murakami K., Matsubara K., Osato N., Kawai J., Carninci P., Hayashizaki Y., Suzuki K., Kojima K., Takahara Y., Yamamoto K., Kikuchi S.
DNA Res. 2003  10(6)  239-47
Comprehensive analysis of NAC family genes in Oryza sativa and Arabidopsis thaliana.
Kikuchi,K., Ueguchi-Tanaka,M., Yoshida,K.T., Nagato,Y., Matsusoka,M. and Hirano,H.Y.
Mol. Gen. Genet. 2000  262(6)  1047-1051
Molecular analysis of the NAC gene family in rice.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology regulation of transcription( GO:0045449 )
DNA binding( GO:0003677 )
nucleus( GO:0005634 )
transcription( GO:0006350 )
positive regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent( GO:0045893 )
leaf development( GO:0048366 )
response to salt stress( GO:0009651 )
response to water deprivation( GO:0009414 )
response to cold( GO:0009409 )
response to heat( GO:0009408 )
plasma membrane( GO:0005886 )
response to endoplasmic reticulum stress( GO:0034976 )
Trait Ontology leaf development trait( TO:0000655 )
salt tolerance( TO:0006001 )
drought tolerance( TO:0000276 )
cold tolerance( TO:0000303 )
heat tolerance( TO:0000259 )
Plant Ontology leaf development stage( PO:0001050 )
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