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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol GRX
Gene Symbol Synonym grx, OsGRX, OsGRX14, OsGrx9, OsGrxC2;2, GrxC2;2, OsGrxC2.2, GrxC2.2
Gene Name Synonym glutaredoxin, glutaredoxin 14, CPYC-type Glutaredoxin 2.2
Chromosome No. 4
Explanation D86744, X77150. P55142. OsGrx9 in Esfahani and Shahpiri 2014. OsGRX14 in Garg et al. 2010. OsGrxC2;2 in Morita et al. 2015. OsGrxC2.2 in Liu et al. 2019.
Trait Class Biochemical character
Seed - Morphological traits - Embryo
Tolerance and resistance - Stress tolerance
cDNA Accession No. AK065962
MSU ID LOC_Os04g42930.1
RAP ID Os04g0508300
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Liu S., Fu H., Jiang J., Chen Z., Gao J., Shu H., Zhang S., Yang C., Liu J.
Front Plant Sci 2019  10  848
Overexpression of a CPYC-Type Glutaredoxin, <i>OsGrxC2.2</i>, Causes Abnormal Embryos and an Increased grain weight in Rice.
Morita S., Yamashita Y., Fujiki M., Todaka R., Nishikawa Y., Hosoki A., Yabe C., Nakamura J., Kawamura K., Suwastika I.N., Sato M.H., Masumura T., Ogihara Y., Tanaka K., Satoh S.
Planta 2015   
Expression of a rice glutaredoxin in aleurone layers of developing and mature seeds: subcellular localization and possible functions in antioxidant defense.
Shaykholeslam Esfahani E., Shahpiri A.
Int. J. Biol. Macromol. 2014  74C  243-248
Thioredoxin h isoforms from rice are differentially reduced by NADPH/thioredoxin or GSH/glutaredoxin systems.
Garg R., Jhanwar S., Akhilesh K Tyagi, Jain M.
DNA Res. 2010  17(6)  353-67
Genome-wide survey and expression analysis suggest diverse roles of glutaredoxin gene family members during development and response to various stimuli in rice.
Tsukamoto S, Morita S, Hirano E, Yokoi H, Masumura T, Tanaka K.
Plant Physiol. 2005  137(1)  317-327
A novel cis-element that is responsive to oxidative stress regulates three antioxidant defense genes in rice.
Sha,S., Yabushita,T., Minakuchi,K., Masumura,T. and Tanaka,K.
Gene 1997  188(1)  23-28
Structure of the rice glutaredoxin (thioltransferase) gene.
Minakuchi,K., Yabushita,T., Masumura,T., Ichihara,K. and Tanaka,K.
FEBS Lett. 1994  337(2)  157-160
Cloning and sequence analysis of a cDNA encoding rice glutaredoxin.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology protein disulfide oxidoreductase activity( GO:0015035 )
electron transport chain( GO:0022900 )
cell redox homeostasis( GO:0045454 )
arsenate reductase (glutaredoxin) activity( GO:0008794 )
cytoplasm( GO:0005737 )
transport( GO:0006810 )
electron carrier activity( GO:0009055 )
antioxidant activity( GO:0016209 )
response to oxidative stress( GO:0006979 )
regulation of embryonic development( GO:0045995 )
Trait Ontology oxidative stress( TO:0002657 )
hydrogen peroxide content( TO:0000605 )
seed weight( TO:0000181 )
embryoless( TO:0000189 )
embryo related trait( TO:0000064 )
Plant Ontology developing seed stage( PO:0004506 )
plant embryo( PO:0009009 )
aleurone layer( PO:0005360 )
leaf( PO:0025034 )
flag leaf( PO:0020103 )
seed( PO:0009010 )
coleoptile( PO:0020033 )
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