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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol PI14
Gene Symbol Synonym Pi14(t), Pi14(t)*, Pi14
Gene Name Synonym Pyricularia oryzae resistance 14, Magnaporthe grisea resistance-14, Blast resistance 14
Protein Name
Chromosome No. 2
Explanation One of the two resistant genes found in Maowangu. Another one is Pi13(t). Resistant to several races of Pyricularia grisea. [RGN13:17]. PO:0009025; leaf. GRO:0007049; 03-tillering stage ; GRO:0007047; 02-seedling.
Trait Class Tolerance and resistance - Disease resistance
cDNA Accession No. -
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DB Reference
Gramene ID GR:0060643
Gene Ontology response to fungus( GO:0009620 )
Trait Ontology leaf blast disease resistance( TO:0000468 )
panicle blast disease resistance( TO:0000477 )
seed composition based quality trait( TO:0000488 )
Plant Ontology vascular leaf( PO:0009025 )
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