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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol SALT
Gene Symbol Synonym salT*(sal1), SalT1*, sal1, Sal1, SALT, ML, SalT, OsSalT, OsJRL, JRL, Osl43, OsL43, OsMBL1, MBL1, OsJRL01, JRL01, OsJRL1, JRL1
Gene Name Synonym salt tolerance, Salt tolerance-1, Salt stress-induced protein, Salt protein, Protein lectin-like, Protein mannose-binding lectin, 15 kda organ-specific salt-induced protein, Orysata, jacalin-related mannose-binding lectin, Mannose-Binding Lectin 1, Jacalin-related lectin 1
Allele osmbl1-3, osmbl1-14
Chromosome No. 1
Explanation Tolerance to salt stress and drought. A2WPN7(indica). Q0JMY8(japonica). PO:0009011; plant structure ; PO:0000003; whole plant. S45168. Z25811. AF285163. AU063562, AU172350, AU066156, AU161751. BF889486. a jacalin-related lectin. CB632549.
Trait Class Tolerance and resistance - Stress tolerance
Tolerance and resistance - Disease resistance
Tolerance and resistance - Insect resistance
cDNA Accession No. AK062520
MSU ID LOC_Os01g24710.1
RAP ID Os01g0348900
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Link map Classical linkage map
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DB Reference
Gramene ID GR:0060835
Gene Ontology response to cadmium ion( GO:0046686 )
response to lead ion( GO:0010288 )
response to mercury ion( GO:0046689 )
response to metal ion( GO:0010038 )
response to salt stress( GO:0009651 )
response to jasmonic acid stimulus( GO:0009753 )
defense response to fungus( GO:0050832 )
response to abscisic acid stimulus( GO:0009737 )
nucleus( GO:0005634 )
cytoplasm( GO:0005737 )
defense response to insect( GO:0002213 )
response to chitin( GO:0010200 )
response to molecule of bacterial origin( GO:0002237 )
response to molecule of fungal origin( GO:0002238 )
Trait Ontology drought tolerance( TO:0000276 )
salt sensitivity( TO:0000429 )
temperature response trait( TO:0000432 )
jasmonic acid sensitivity( TO:0000172 )
blast disease( TO:0000074 )
insect damage resistance( TO:0000261 )
salt tolerance( TO:0006001 )
abscisic acid sensitivity( TO:0000615 )
sodium content( TO:0000608 )
chromium sensitivity( TO:0000034 )
Plant Ontology whole plant( PO:0000003 )
plant structure( PO:0009011 )
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