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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol FST
Gene Symbol Synonym OsMADS29, MADS29, OsFST
Gene Name Synonym MADS box gene29, MADS-box transcription factor 29
Allele fst
Chromosome No. 2
Explanation Q6H711. DQ004266. Gene Expression Omnibus database:GSE31893.
Trait Class Seed
Seed - Morphological traits - Endosperm
Reproductive organ - Pollination, fertilization, fertility - Female sterility
Reproductive organ - panicle
Character as QTL - Yield and productivity
cDNA Accession No. AK109522
MSU ID LOC_Os02g07430.1
RAP ID Os02g0170300
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Link map Classical linkage map
Mehra P., Pandey B.K., Verma L., Prusty A., Singh A.P., Sharma S., Malik N., Bennett M.J., Parida S.K., Giri J., Tyagi A.K.
Plant Direct 2022  6(5)  e401
<i>OsJAZ11</i> regulates spikelet and seed development in rice.
Wu Q., Liu Y., Huang J.
Int J Mol Sci 2022  23(4) 
CRISPR-Cas9 Mediated Mutation in <i>OsPUB43</i> Improves Grain Length and Weight in Rice by Promoting Cell Proliferation in Spikelet Hull.
Chang S., Chen Y., Jia S., Li Y., Liu K., Lin Z., Wang H., Chu Z., Liu J., Xi C., Zhao H., Han S., Wang Y.
PLoS Genet. 2020  16(10)  e1009157
Auxin apical dominance governed by the OsAsp1-OsTIF1 complex determines distinctive rice caryopses development on different branches.
Malik N., Ranjan R., Parida S.K., Agarwal P., Tyagi A.K.
Plant J. 2020  101(6)  1411-1429
Mediator subunit OsMED14_1 plays an important role in rice development.
Ke S., Liu X.J., Luan X., Yang W., Zhu H., Liu G., Zhang G., Wang S.
Gene 2018  675  285-300
Genome-wide transcriptome profiling provides insights into panicle development of rice (Oryza sativa L.).
Bakshi A., Moin M., Datla R., Kirti P.B.
Plant Signal Behav 2017    0
Expression Profiling of Development Related Genes in Rice Plants Ectopically Expressing AtTOR.
Schilling S., Gramzow L., Lobbes D., Kirbis A., Weilandt L., Hoffmeier A., Junker A., Weigelt-Fischer K., Klukas C., Wu F., Meng Z., Altmann T., Theißen G.
Plant J. 2015   
Non-canonical structure, function and phylogeny of the Bsister MADS-box gene OsMADS30 of rice (Oryza sativa).
Nayar S., Kapoor M., Kapoor S.
J. Exp. Bot. 2014  65(18)  5339-50
Post-translational regulation of rice MADS29 function: homodimerization or binary interactions with other seed-expressed MADS proteins modulate its translocation into the nucleus.
Sun X., Ling S., Lu Z., Ouyang Y.D., Liu S., Yao J.
Gene 2014  551(2)  214-21
OsNF-YB1, a rice endosperm-specific gene, is essential for cell proliferation in endosperm development.
Yin L.L., Xue H.W.
Plant Cell 2012  24  1049-1065
The MADS29 transcription factor regulates the degradation of the nucellus and the nucellar projection during rice seed development
Arora R., Agarwal P., Ray S., Ashok Kumar Singh, Vijay Pal Singh, Akhilesh K Tyagi, Kapoor S.
BMC Genomics 2007  8  242
MADS-box gene family in rice: genome-wide identification, organization and expression profiling during reproductive development and stress.
Lee,S., Kim,J., Son,J.S., Nam,J., Jeong,D.H., Lee,K., Jang,S., Yoo,J., Lee,J., Lee,D.Y., Kang,H.G. and An,G.
Plant Cell Physiol. 2003  44(12)  1403-1411
Systematic Reverse Genetic Screening of T-DNA Tagged Genes in Rice for Functional Genomic Analyses: MADS-box Genes as a Test Case.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology regulation of auxin biosynthetic process( GO:0010600 )
auxin homeostasis( GO:0010252 )
response to auxin stimulus( GO:0009733 )
embryonic development( GO:0009790 )
regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent( GO:0006355 )
sequence-specific DNA binding( GO:0043565 )
transcription factor activity( GO:0003700 )
nucleus( GO:0005634 )
transcription( GO:0006350 )
hormone-mediated signaling( GO:0009755 )
endosperm development( GO:0009960 )
ovule development( GO:0048481 )
inflorescence development( GO:0010229 )
Trait Ontology growth hormone content( TO:0000476 )
seed maturation( TO:0002661 )
seed development trait( TO:0000653 )
female sterility( TO:0000358 )
embryo development trait( TO:0000620 )
inflorescence development trait( TO:0000621 )
auxin sensitivity( TO:0000163 )
auxin content( TO:0002672 )
Plant Ontology ovule development stage( PO:0007619 )
endosperm development stage( PO:0007633 )
plant embryo stage( PO:0007631 )
inflorescence development stage( PO:0001083 )
fruit development stage( PO:0001002 )
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