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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol MADS2
Gene Symbol Synonym OsMADS2, RMADS219, NMADS1, PI2, nmads1, DLN33, OsDLN33
Gene Name Synonym MADS box gene2, MADS-box transcription factor 2, GLOBOSA(GLO)-like MADS-box gene-2, DLN repressor 33, DLN motif protein 33
Chromosome No. 1
Explanation AF095645. JF312028, JF312030. Q40702. a rice PISTILLATA ortholog. PO:0009046; flower. PISTILLATA-like MADS box protein.
Trait Class Reproductive organ - Pollination, fertilization, fertility - Male sterility
Reproductive organ - Spikelet, flower, glume, awn
Tolerance and resistance - Stress tolerance
Expression spikelet - Sp5 - Formation of lodicule primordia
spikelet - Sp6 - Formation of stamen primordia
cDNA Accession No. AK070894
MSU ID LOC_Os01g66030.1
RAP ID Os01g0883100
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DB Reference
Gramene ID GR:0061386
Gene Ontology cell differentiation( GO:0030154 )
sequence-specific DNA binding( GO:0043565 )
DNA binding( GO:0003677 )
transcription factor activity( GO:0003700 )
nucleus( GO:0005634 )
transcription( GO:0006350 )
flower development( GO:0009908 )
regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent( GO:0006355 )
Trait Ontology flower anatomy and morphology trait( TO:0000499 )
cytoplasmic male sterility( TO:0000580 )
flower development trait( TO:0000622 )
Plant Ontology flower( PO:0009046 )
flower development stage( PO:0007615 )
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