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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol TPC1
Gene Symbol Synonym OsTPC1, Tpc1, OsCC1, OsCL1 pore
Gene Name Synonym Two pore calcium channel protein 1, Two-pore channel 1, Voltage-dependent calcium channel protein TPC1
Chromosome No. 1
Explanation OsTPC1 functions as a Ca2+-permiable channel involved in the regulation of growth and development. Ca2+-permiable channel. Q5QM84.
Trait Class Biochemical character
Vegetative organ - Culm
cDNA Accession No. AK067839
MSU ID LOC_Os01g48680.1
RAP ID Os01g0678500
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Shanmugam S., Boyett V.A., Khodakovskaya M.
PLoS ONE 2021  16(10)  e0258171
Enhancement of drought tolerance in rice by silencing of the OsSYT-5 gene.
Singh U.M., Metwal M., Singh M., Taj G., Kumar A.
Gene 2015  566(1)  37-46
Identification and characterization of calcium transporter gene family in finger millet in relation to grain calcium content.
Singh A., Kanwar P., Yadav A.K., Mishra M., Jha S.K., Baranwal V., Pandey A., Kapoor S., Tyagi A.K., Pandey G.K.
FEBS J. 2014  281(3)  894-915
Genome-wide expressional and functional analysis of calcium transport elements during abiotic stress and development in rice.
Jung K.H., Kim S.R., Giong H.K., Nguyen M.X., Go H.J., An G.
Mol Plant 2014   
Genome-wide Identification and Functional Analysis of Genes Expressed Ubiquitously in Rice.
Hashimoto,K., Saito,M., Matsuoka,H., Iida,K. and Iida,H.
Plant Cell Physiol. 2004  45(4)  496-500
Functional Analysis of a Rice Putative Voltage-Dependent Ca(2+) Channel, OsTPC1, Expressed in Yeast Cells Lacking its Homologous Gene CCH1.
Kurusu,T., Sakurai,Y., Miyao,A., Hirochika,H. and Kuchitsu,K.
Plant Cell Physiol. 2004  45(6)  693-702
Identification of a Putative Voltage-Gated Ca(2+)-permeable Channel (OsTPC1) Involved in Ca(2+) Influx and Regulation of Growth and Development in Rice.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID GR:0010807
Gene Ontology ion transport( GO:0006811 )
cation transport( GO:0006812 )
membrane( GO:0016020 )
integral to membrane( GO:0016021 )
calcium channel activity( GO:0005262 )
calcium ion binding( GO:0005509 )
voltage-gated ion channel activity( GO:0005244 )
defense response( GO:0006952 )
transmembrane transport( GO:0055085 )
voltage-gated calcium channel activity( GO:0005245 )
ion channel activity( GO:0005216 )
mitochondrion( GO:0005739 )
calcium ion transport( GO:0006816 )
secretion by cell( GO:0032940 )
cytoplasmic membrane-bounded vesicle( GO:0016023 )
plasma membrane( GO:0005886 )
plant-type hypersensitive response( GO:0009626 )
cation channel activity( GO:0005261 )
Trait Ontology plant height( TO:0000207 )
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