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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol RSUS2
Gene Symbol Synonym sus2, RSus2(t), SUS2, SS1, OsScS1, RSs1, RSus2, OsSUS2, RSS1, RSus1, OsSusy2, Susy2
Gene Name Synonym sucrose synthase2, Sucrose synthase 2, Sucrose synthase 1, Sucrose-UDP glucosyltransferase 2, Sucrose synthase-1, rice SuSy gene 1, sucrose-UDP glucosyltransferase isozyme 1, sucrose synthase l, rice sucrose synthase-1
Chromosome No. 6
Explanation EC= P30298. X64770, Z15028. L39940. JQ733914 (promoter sequence). D39365, AU163158, AU174192. D29732. TO:0000845: collective phyllome structure morphology trait.
Trait Class Biochemical character
Character as QTL - Yield and productivity
Tolerance and resistance - Stress tolerance
Seed - Morphological traits
cDNA Accession No. AK072074
MSU ID LOC_Os06g09450.1
RAP ID Os06g0194900
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DB Reference
Gramene ID GR:0061129
Gene Ontology sucrose synthase activity( GO:0016157 )
biosynthetic process( GO:0009058 )
response to cadmium ion( GO:0046686 )
plasma membrane( GO:0005886 )
sucrose metabolic process( GO:0005985 )
response to osmotic stress( GO:0006970 )
response to cold( GO:0009409 )
vacuole( GO:0005773 )
response to flooding( GO:0009413 )
pollen development( GO:0009555 )
positive regulation of cell division( GO:0051781 )
response to heat( GO:0009408 )
Trait Ontology temperature response trait( TO:0000432 )
submergence sensitivity( TO:0000286 )
grain yield( TO:0000396 )
grain weight( TO:0000590 )
starch content( TO:0000696 )
1000-dehulled grain weight( TO:0000592 )
heat tolerance( TO:0000259 )
Plant Ontology pollen development stage( PO:0001007 )
seed maturation stage( PO:0007632 )
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