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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol _
Gene Symbol Synonym Amt
CGSNL Gene Name _
Gene Name Synonym aminomethyltransferase
Protein Name
Chromosome No. 4
Explanation KC609048-KC609060 (O. sativa and wild rice species, intron 1).
Trait Class Biochemical character
cDNA Accession No. AK099234
MSU ID LOC_Os04g53230.1
RAP ID Os04g0623800
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RAP-DB ( IRGSP 1.0 / Build5 )
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INSD Accession List
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Link map Classical linkage map
Zhu,T., Xu,P.Z., Liu,J.P., Peng,S., Mo,X.C. and Gao,L.Z.
Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 2014  70  348-361
Phylogenetic relationships and genome divergence among the AA- genome species of the genus Oryza as revealed by 53 nuclear genes and 16 intergenic regions
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology chloroplast stroma( GO:0009570 )
aminomethyltransferase activity( GO:0004047 )
transaminase activity( GO:0008483 )
auxin polar transport( GO:0009926 )
carotenoid biosynthetic process( GO:0016117 )
chloroplast organization( GO:0009658 )
cysteine biosynthetic process( GO:0019344 )
glycine catabolic process( GO:0006546 )
growth( GO:0040007 )
hydrogen peroxide catabolic process( GO:0042744 )
ovule development( GO:0048481 )
pattern specification process( GO:0007389 )
regulation of cell size( GO:0008361 )
regulation of meristem growth( GO:0010075 )
root morphogenesis( GO:0010015 )
apoplast( GO:0048046 )
chloroplast envelope( GO:0009941 )
chloroplast thylakoid( GO:0009534 )
cytosolic ribosome( GO:0022626 )
membrane( GO:0016020 )
Trait Ontology -
Plant Ontology -
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