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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol _
Gene Symbol Synonym Orysa;CKS1
CGSNL Gene Name _
Gene Name Synonym CDK subunit protein 1
Protein Name _
Chromosome No. 3
Explanation Q6PS57.
Trait Class Biochemical character
cDNA Accession No. AK121395
MSU ID LOC_Os03g05300.1
RAP ID Os03g0146300
Links Oryzabase Chromosome View ( IRGSP 1.0 / Build5 )
RAP-DB ( IRGSP 1.0 / Build5 )
Related IDs List ( IRGSP 1.0 / Build5 )
INSD Accession List
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Link map Classical linkage map
Guo J., Song J., Wang F., Xian Sheng Zhang
Plant Mol. Biol. 2007  64(4)  349-60
Genome-wide identification and expression analysis of rice cell cycle genes.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology DNA endoreduplication( GO:0042023 )
cell division( GO:0051301 )
mitotic cell cycle( GO:0000278 )
regulation of cell cycle( GO:0051726 )
cytoplasm( GO:0005737 )
nucleus( GO:0005634 )
cyclin-dependent protein kinase regulator activity( GO:0016538 )
Trait Ontology -
Plant Ontology -
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