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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol _
Gene Symbol Synonym OsTKPR1, TKPR1, OsDFR2, DFR2, OS-DFR2, OsDFR2A, DFR2A
CGSNL Gene Name _
Gene Name Synonym tetraketide aplha-pyrone reductase 1, Dihydroflavonol-4-reductase 2
Protein Name
Allele Ostkpr1, ostkpr1-2
Chromosome No. 9
Explanation AF134807.
Trait Class Biochemical character
Reproductive organ - Pollination, fertilization, fertility - Male sterility
Reproductive organ - Pollination, fertilization, fertility - Meiosis
cDNA Accession No. AK120576
MSU ID LOC_Os09g32020.1
RAP ID Os09g0493500
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INSD Accession List
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Link map Classical linkage map
Wu J., Chen Y., Lin H., Chen Y., Yu H., Lu Z., Li X., Zhou H., Chen Z., Liu X.
Int J Mol Sci 2020  21(19) 
Comparative Cytological and Transcriptome Analysis Revealed the Normal pollen Development Process and Up-Regulation of Fertility-Related Genes in Newly Developed Tetraploid Rice.
Chen L., Yuan Y., Wu J., Chen Z., Wang L., Shahid M.Q., Liu X.
Rice (N Y) 2019  12(1)  34
Carbohydrate metabolism and fertility related genes high expression levels promote heterosis in autotetraploid rice harboring double neutral genes.
Xu D., Qu S., Tucker M.R., Zhang D., Liang W., Shi J.
BMC Plant Biol. 2019  19(1)  104
Ostkpr1 functions in anther cuticle development and pollen wall formation in rice.
Quilichini T.D., Grienenberger E., Douglas C.J.
Phytochemistry 2014   
The biosynthesis, composition and assembly of the outer pollen wall: A tough case to crack.
Shirasawa S.a, Kifuji Y.a c, Komiya R.a d, Kitashiba H.a, Nishimura M.b, Nishio T.a
Molecular Breeding 2013  31  805-814
Identification of a single nucleotide deletion causing frameshift mutation in OsDFR2A in a genic male sterile mutant of rice and its possible application to F1 hybrid breeding
Wang Y., Lin Y.C., So J., Du Y., Lo C.
Physiol Plant 2013  149(1)  13-24
Conserved metabolic steps for sporopollenin precursor formation in tobacco and rice.
Yau,C.P., Zhuang,C.X., Zee,S.Y. and Yip,W.K.
Sex. Plant Reprod. 2005  18(2)  65-74
Expression of a microsporocyte-specific gene encoding dihydroflavonol 4-reductase-like protein is developmentally regulated during early microsporogenesis in rice
Zhuang,C.X., Yau,C.P. and Zee,S.Y.
Plant Physiol. 1999  120(2)  633-635
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology catalytic activity( GO:0003824 )
coenzyme binding( GO:0050662 )
cellular metabolic process( GO:0044237 )
pollen wall assembly( GO:0010208 )
sporopollenin biosynthetic process( GO:0080110 )
lipid biosynthetic process( GO:0008610 )
endoplasmic reticulum( GO:0005783 )
phenylpropanoid metabolic process( GO:0009698 )
pollen exine formation( GO:0010584 )
cuticle development( GO:0042335 )
anther development( GO:0048653 )
Trait Ontology male sterility( TO:0000437 )
microsporocyte development trait( TO:0000723 )
fat and essential oil content( TO:0000604 )
Plant Ontology anther development stage( PO:0001004 )
anther wall tapetum( PO:0009071 )
microspore( PO:0020048 )
cuticular wax( PO:0025386 )
cutin( PO:0025385 )
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