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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol HMA5
Gene Symbol Synonym OsHMA8, osHMA5, HMA8, OsHMP27, HMP27
Gene Name Synonym heavy metal ATPase 8, heavy metal ATPase 5, heavy metal P-Type ATPase 5, Heavy metal-associated protein 27
Allele oshma5
Chromosome No. 4
Explanation OsHMA8 in Zhao et al. 2014. GO:0120126: response to copper ion starvation. TO:0006052: copper concentration. TO:0006060: leaf chlorosis. GO:0090546: chlorophyll fluorescence.
Trait Class Biochemical character
Vegetative organ - Leaf
Vegetative organ - Culm
Vegetative organ - Root
Coloration - Chlorophyll
Tolerance and resistance - Stress tolerance
Character as QTL - Plant growth activity
cDNA Accession No. AK072990
MSU ID LOC_Os04g46940.1
RAP ID Os04g0556000
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INSD Accession List
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Link map Classical linkage map
Navarro B.B., Del Frari BK., Dias PVDC., Lemainski L.E., Mario R.B., Ponte L.R., Goergen A., Tarouco C.P., Neves V.M., Dressler V.L., Fett J.P., Brunetto G., Sperotto R.A., Nicoloso F.T., Ricachenevsky F.K.
Plant Physiol. Biochem. 2021  158  113-124
The copper economy response is partially conserved in rice (Oryza sativa L.).
Li J., Zhang M., Sun J., Mao X., Wang J., Liu H., Zheng H., Li X., Zhao H., Zou D.
Front Genet 2020  11  477
Heavy Metal Stress-Associated Proteins in Rice and <i>Arabidopsis</i>: Genome-Wide Identification, Phylogenetics, Duplication, and Expression Profiles Analysis.
Zhang Y., Chen K., Fang-Jie Zhao, Sun C., Jin C., Shi Y., Sun Y., Li Y., Yang M., Jing X., Luo J., Lian X.
Plant Physiol. 2018  178(1)  329-344
OsATX1 Interacts with Heavy Metal P1B-Type ATPases and Affects Copper Transport and Distribution.
Yu C., Sun C., Shen C., Wang S., Liu F., Liu Y., Chen Y., Li C., Qian Q., Aryal B., Geisler M., Jiang de A., Qi Y.
Plant J. 2015  83(5)  818-30
The auxin transporter, OsAUX1, is involved in primary root and root hair elongation and in Cd stress responses in rice (Oryza sativa L.).
Zhao F.Y.a, Han M.M.a, Zhang S.Y.b, Ren J.a, Hu F.a, Wang X.a
Russian Journal of Plant Physiology 2014  61  608-618
MAPKs as a cross point in H2O2 and auxin signaling under combined cadmium and zinc stress in rice roots
Deng F., Yamaji N., Xia J., Ma J.F.
Plant Physiol. 2013  163(3)  1353-62
A Member of the Heavy Metal P-type ATPase OsHMA5 Is Involved in Xylem Loading of Copper in Rice.
Takahashi R., Bashir K., Ishimaru Y., Nishizawa N.K., Nakanishi H.
Plant Signal Behav 2012  7(12) 
The role of heavy-metal ATPases, HMAs, in zinc and cadmium transport in rice.
Lee S,Kim YY,Lee Y,An G
Plant Physiol. 2007  145  831-42
Rice P1B-type heavy-metal ATPase, OsHMA9, is a metal efflux protein.
Baxter I., Tchieu J., Michael R Sussman, Boutry M., Michael G Palmgren, Gribskov M., Jeffrey F Harper, Kristian B Axelsen
Plant Physiol. 2003  132(2)  618-28
Genomic comparison of P-type ATPase ion pumps in Arabidopsis and rice.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology copper ion transport( GO:0006825 )
chlorophyll metabolic process( GO:0015994 )
vascular transport( GO:0010232 )
response to lead ion( GO:0010288 )
response to zinc ion( GO:0010043 )
response to cadmium ion( GO:0046686 )
response to copper ion( GO:0046688 )
membrane( GO:0016020 )
copper ion binding( GO:0005507 )
ATP binding( GO:0005524 )
integral to membrane( GO:0016021 )
copper-transporting ATPase activity( GO:0043682 )
Trait Ontology copper sensitivity( TO:0000021 )
zinc sensitivity( TO:0000351 )
chlorophyll-a content( TO:0000293 )
chlorophyll-b content( TO:0000295 )
shoot dry weight( TO:0000552 )
leaf area( TO:0000540 )
stem length( TO:0000576 )
root dry weight( TO:0000078 )
root length( TO:0000227 )
leaf color( TO:0000326 )
hydrogen peroxide content( TO:0000605 )
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