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Basic Information
CGSNL Gene Symbol _
Gene Symbol Synonym OSINV3, OsINV3, INV3, OsVIN2, VIN2, VINV
CGSNL Gene Name _
Gene Name Synonym invertase 3, fructosyl transferase, vacuolar invertase 2
Protein Name
Allele osvin2-1, osvin2-2, osvin2-3
Chromosome No. 2
Explanation AF276704, C25279. AY575557. OsVIN2 in Ji et al. 2005. PO:0030123: panicle inflorescence.
Trait Class Biochemical character
Seed - Physiological traits - Storage substances
Seed - Morphological traits
Reproductive organ - Spikelet, flower, glume, awn
cDNA Accession No. AK072245
MSU ID LOC_Os02g01590.1
RAP ID Os02g0106100
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INSD Accession List
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Link map Classical linkage map
Chen L., Yuan Y., Wu J., Chen Z., Wang L., Shahid M.Q., Liu X.
Rice (N Y) 2019  12(1)  34
Carbohydrate metabolism and fertility related genes high expression levels promote heterosis in autotetraploid rice harboring double neutral genes.
Lee D.W., Lee S.K., Rahman M.M., Kim Y.J., Zhang D., Jeon J.S.
Mol. Cells 2019  42(10)  711-720
The Role of Rice Vacuolar Invertase2 in seed size Control.
Li C., Wang Y., Liu L., Hu Y., Zhang F., Mergen S., Wang G., Schläppi MR., Chu C.
PLoS Genet. 2011  7(7)  e1002196
A rice plastidial nucleotide sugar epimerase is involved in galactolipid biosynthesis and improves photosynthetic efficiency.
Ji,X., Van den Ende,W., Van Laere,A., Cheng,S. and Bennett,J.
J. Mol. Evol. 2005  60(5)  615-634
Structure, evolution, and expression of the two invertase gene families of rice.
Oliver S.N., Dongen J.V., Alfred S.C., Mamun E, Zhao X, Saini H.S., Fernandes S.F., Blanchard C.L., Sutton B.G., Geigenberger P, Dennis E.S., Dolferus R
Plant, Cell and Environment 2005  28  1534-1551
Cold-induced repression of the rice anther-specific cell wall invertase gene OSINV4 is correlated with sucrose accumulation and pollen sterility
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology sucrose alpha-glucosidase activity( GO:0004575 )
vacuole( GO:0005773 )
carbohydrate metabolic process( GO:0005975 )
plant-type cell wall( GO:0009505 )
sucrose transport( GO:0015770 )
sucrose catabolic process( GO:0005987 )
starch biosynthetic process( GO:0019252 )
seed development( GO:0048316 )
Trait Ontology seed size( TO:0000391 )
seed development trait( TO:0000653 )
grain weight( TO:0000590 )
spikelet anatomy and morphology trait( TO:0000657 )
hexose content( TO:0000307 )
glucose content( TO:0000300 )
starch content( TO:0000696 )
sucrose content( TO:0000328 )
grain size( TO:0000397 )
Plant Ontology seed development stage( PO:0001170 )
endocarp( PO:0009086 )
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