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CGSNL Gene Symbol PR10B
Gene Symbol Synonym RPR10b, PR-10b, PR10b, PBZ1, PBZ-1, OsPBZc, OsPR10b, BetV, OsBetV
Gene Name Synonym pathogenesis-related gene 10b, pathogenesis-related protein PR-10b, PROBENAZOLE INDUCED PROTEIN1
Chromosome No. 12
Explanation AF274851, AAF85973. PBZ1 in Chen et al. 2013. PR10 in Rebecca et al. 2010.
Trait Class Tolerance and resistance - Disease resistance
cDNA Accession No. AK070762
MSU ID LOC_Os12g36850.1
RAP ID Os12g0555200
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Feng T., Zhang Z.Y., Gao P., Feng Z.M., Zuo S.M., Ouyang S.Q.
Int J Mol Sci 2023  24(4) 
Suppression of Rice Osa-miR444.2 Improves the Resistance to Sheath Blight in Rice Mediating through the Phytohormone Pathway.
Xie Y., Wang Y., Yu X., Lin Y., Zhu Y., Chen J., Xie H., Zhang Q., Wang L., Wei Y., Xiao Y., Cai Q., Zheng Y., Wang M., Xie H., Zhang J.
Mol Plant 2022  15(12)  1931-1946
SH3P2, an SH3 domain-containing protein that interacts with both Pib and AvrPib, suppresses effector-triggered, Pib-mediated immunity in rice.
Li G.B., He J.X., Wu J.L., Wang H., Zhang X., Liu J., Hu X.H., Zhu Y., Shen S., Bai Y.F., Yao Z.L., Liu X.X., Zhao J.H., Li D.Q., Li Y., Huang F., Huang Y.Y., Zhao Z.X., Zhang J.W., Zhou S.X., Ji Y.P., Pu M., Qin P., Li S., Chen X., Wang J., He M., Li W., Wu X.J., Xu Z.J., Wang W.M., Fan J.
Mol Plant 2022  15(11)  1790-1806
Overproduction of OsRACK1A, an effector-targeted scaffold protein promoting OsRBOHB-mediated ROS production, confers rice floral resistance to false smut disease without yield penalty.
Chen J.F., Zhao Z.X., Li Y., Li T.T., Zhu Y., Yang X.M., Zhou S.X., Wang H., Zhao J.Q., Pu M., Feng H., Fan J., Zhang J.W., Huang Y.Y., Wang W.M.
Rice (N Y) 2021  14(1)  26
Fine-Tuning Roles of Osa-miR159a in Rice Immunity Against Magnaporthe oryzae and Development.
Zhang K., Su J., Xu M., Zhou Z., Zhu X., Ma X., Hou J., Tan L., Zhu Z., Cai H., Liu F., Sun H., Gu P., Li C., Liang Y., Zhao W., Sun C., Fu Y.
Nat Commun 2020  11(1)  443
A common wild rice-derived BOC1 allele reduces callus browning in indica rice transformation.
Valette M., Rey M., Doré J., Gerin F., Wisniewski-Dyé F.
Physiol Mol Biol Plants 2020  26(12)  2537-2551
Identification of a small set of genes commonly regulated in rice roots in response to beneficial rhizobacteria.
Wang Y., Li J., Xiang S., Zhou J., Peng X., Hai Y., Wang Y., Li S., Wei S.
PeerJ 2020  8  e9354
A putative effector UvHrip1 inhibits BAX-triggered cell death in <i>Nicotiana benthamiana</i>, and infection of <i>Ustilaginoidea virens</i> suppresses defense-related genes expression.
Pan J., Li Z., Wang Q., Yang L., Yao F., Liu W.
Plant Sci. 2020  290  110318
An S-domain receptor-like kinase, OsESG1, regulates early crown root development and drought resistance in rice.
Salvador-Guirao R., Baldrich P., Tomiyama S., Hsing Y.I., Okada K., San Segundo B.
Ann. Bot. 2019  123(1)  79-93
OsDCL1a activation impairs phytoalexin biosynthesis and compromises disease resistance in rice.
Sánchez-Sanuy F., Peris-Peris C., Tomiyama S., Okada K., Hsing Y.I., San Segundo B., Campo S.
BMC Plant Biol. 2019  19(1)  563
Osa-miR7695 enhances transcriptional priming in defense responses against the rice blast fungus.
Tang M., Ning Y., Shu X., Dong B., Zhang H., Wu D., Wang H., Wang G.L., Zhou B.
Rice (N Y) 2017  10(1)  5
The Nup98 Homolog APIP12 Targeted by the Effector AvrPiz-t is Involved in Rice Basal Resistance Against Magnaporthe oryzae.
Wang J., Shi H., Zhou L., Peng C., Liu D., Zhou X., Wu W., Yin J., Qin H., Ma W., He M., Li W., Wang J., Li S., Chen X.
Front Plant Sci 2017  8  908
OsBSK1-2, an Orthologous of AtBSK1, Is Involved in Rice Immunity.
Peris-Peris C., Serra-Cardona A., Sánchez-Sanuy F., Campo S., Ariño J., San Segundo B.
Mol. Plant Microbe Interact. 2017  30(5)  385-398
Two Nramp6 Isoforms Function as Iron and Manganese Transporters and Contribute to disease resistance in Rice.
Fred A.K., Kiswara G., Yi G., Kim K.M.
J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 2016   
Screening rice cultivars for resistance to bacterial leaf blight.
Li X., Jiang Y., Ji Z., Liu Y., Zhang Q.
EMBO Rep. 2015  16(9)  1192-1202
BRHIS1 suppresses rice innate immunity through binding to monoubiquitinated H2A and H2B variants.
Chen X., Zuo S., Schwessinger B., Chern M., Canlas P.E., Ruan D., Zhou X., Wang J., Daudi A., Petzold C.J., Heazlewood J.L., Ronald P.C.
Mol Plant 2014  7(5)  874-92
An XA21-Associated Kinase (OsSERK2) Regulates Immunity Mediated by the XA21 and XA3 Immune Receptors.
Chen L.J., Wuriyanghan H., Zhang Y.Q., Duan K.X., Chen H.W., Li Q.T., Lu X., He S.J., Ma B., Zhang W.K., Lin Q., Chen S.Y., Zhang J.S.
Plant Physiol. 2013  163(4)  1752-65
An S-domain receptor-like kinase OsSIK2 confers abiotic stress tolerance and delays dark-induced leaf senescence in rice.
Rebecca S Bart, Chern M., Miguel E Vega-Sánchez, Canlas P., Pamela C Ronald
PLoS Genet. 2010  6(9)  e1001123
Rice Snl6, a cinnamoyl-CoA reductase-like gene family member, is required for NH1-mediated immunity to Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae.
Tanaka N,Matsuoka M,Kitano H,Asano T,Kaku H,Komatsu S
Plant Cell Environ. 2006  29  619-31
gid1, a gibberellin-insensitive dwarf mutant, shows altered regulation of probenazole-inducible protein (PBZ1) in response to cold stress and pathogen attack.
J D McGee, J E Hamer, T K Hodges
Mol. Plant Microbe Interact. 2001  14(7)  877-86
Characterization of a PR-10 pathogenesis-related gene family induced in rice during infection with Magnaporthe grisea.
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DB Reference
Gramene ID -
Gene Ontology response to symbiotic bacterium( GO:0009609 )
defense response to fungus( GO:0050832 )
defense response to bacterium( GO:0042742 )
response to biotic stimulus( GO:0009607 )
defense response( GO:0006952 )
response to hydrogen peroxide( GO:0042542 )
Trait Ontology bacterial blight disease resistance( TO:0000175 )
blast disease( TO:0000074 )
false smut disease resistance( TO:0000129 )
sheath blight disease resistance( TO:0000255 )
Plant Ontology root( PO:0009005 )
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