Results of bacterial blight resistance reaction in wild accessions

Correspondence between lession length and reaction

reaction lession length
S: lession>15
M or Ms: 8<lession<15
MR: 4<lession<8
R: 2<lession<4
HR: 2>lession

Control strains

Acc. No. species T7174 Reaction T7133 Reaction
IR24   S S
KU_T65   MS MS
KU_W1962 O. rufipogon S R
KU_W106 O. rufipogon S S
KU_WK10 O. barthii M M
KU_WK18 O. glaberrima M M
KU_WK21 O. glaberrima MS MS
KU_WK35 O. flumaepatula S S
KU_WK54 O. nivara / O. rufipogon S S
KU_WK56 O. nivara / O. rufipogon HR MS
KU_W1625 O. meridionalis S S

Wild strains

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acc No. species T7174 Reaction T7133 Reaction
W0001 O. ridleyi HR M
W0002 O. officinalis R MR
W0003 O. granulata HR HR
W0004 O. granulata HR HR
W0005 O. granulata HR HR
W0006 O. officinalis HR HR
W0008 O. australiensis S S
W0011 O. officinalis HR HR
W0012 O. officinalis HR R
W0014 O. officinalis HR or R MR
W0015 O. punctata (4X) ? HR HR
W0016 O. minuta R MR or R
W0017 O. alta MR S
W0018 O. alta HR HR
W0019 O. latifolia HR HR
W0020 O. latifolia R MR
W0021 O. officinalis R R
W0022 O. granulata HR HR
W0023 O. brachyantha HR HR
W0036 O. glumaepatula S S
W0043 O. punctata (4X) HR HR
W0045 O. minuta HR HR
W0046 O. latifolia R or MR M
W0047 O. latifolia R R
W0048 O. latifolia R M
W0049 O. barthii R or MR R
W0051 O. minuta HR HR
W0065 O. officinalis R R
W0067(A) O. officinalis HR HR
W0067(B) O. granulata HR HR
W0106 O. rufipogon R R
W0107 O. rufipogon R or MR M or MR
W0108 O. rufipogon HR MS
W0120 O. rufipogon HR S
W0137 O. rufipogon S S
W0542 O. latifolia M MS
W0566 O. officinalis HR or R HR
W0593 O. rufipogon S S
W0604 O. ridleyi MR MR or M
W0609 O. meyeriana HR HR
W0610 O. rufipogon HR S
W0612 O. glumaepatula S S
W0613 O. grandiglumis MR or M S
W0614 O. officinalis HR HR
W0615 O. granulata HR HR
W0630 O. rufipogon S S
W0643 O. longistaminata HR HR
W0645 O. longistaminata HR HR
W0652 O. barthii S S
W0654 O. brachyantha M MS
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