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Rice plant development: from zygote to spikelet.
Itoh J, Nonomura K, Ikeda K, Yamaki S, Inukai Y, Yamagishi H, Kitano H, Nagato Y.
Plant Cell Physiol. 2005, 46 (1):23-47 PMID=15659435

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Organ Symbol Name Events Enhancer
Trap Lines
Figures Mutant Lines
Expressed Gene
stomata Sto0 Determination of stomatal cell row Detemination of stomatal cell rows
stomata Sto1 Formation of GMC Formation of GMC by asymmetric division in the stomatal cell row
stomata Sto2 Formation of 3-cell complex Asymmetric division of SMC.
Formation of 3-cell complex comprising GMC and two subsidiary cells
stomata Sto3 Formation of guard cell pair Formation of a pair of guard cells by transverse symmetric divisions in GMC
stomata Sto4 Completion of stomatal complex Completion of stomatal complex formation

Organ Symbol Name Region Enhancer Trap Lines Figures Muant Lines (Gene) Expressed Gene
stomata mature
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