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Rice plant development: from zygote to spikelet.
Itoh J, Nonomura K, Ikeda K, Yamaki S, Inukai Y, Yamagishi H, Kitano H, Nagato Y.
Plant Cell Physiol. 2005, 46 (1):23-47 PMID=15659435

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Organ Symbol Name Events Enhancer
Trap Lines
Figures Mutant Lines
Expressed Gene
pollen mother cell Mei1 Pre-meiotic S/G2 Pre-meiosis specific DNA synthesis PAIR1

pollen mother cell Mei2 Leptotene Initiation of meiotic chromosome condensation. Association of LEs to chromosome axes
pollen mother cell Mei3 Zygotene Establishment of central components between homologous chromosome axes as   pair2   pair1  
pollen mother cell Mei4 Pachytene Completion of SC formation Homologous chromosome recombination ds1   s11   ds2~d  
pollen mother cell Mei5 Diplotene Degradation of SC
pollen mother cell Mei6 Diakinesis Breakdown of nuclear envelop.
Disappearance of a nucleolus
pollen mother cell Mei7 Metaphase I Alignment of homologous chromosome pairs at equatorial plate
pollen mother cell Mei8 Anaphase I /Telophase I Reductional division of each homolog
pollen mother cell Mei9 Interkinesis (Prophase II) Formation of daughter cells and nuclei
pollen mother cell Mei10 Metaphase II Alignment of sister-chromatid pairs at equatorial plates
pollen mother cell Mei11 Anaphase II /Telophase II Equational division of each sister chromatid
pollen mother cell Mei12 Tetrad Formation of four haploid spores

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