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Rice plant development: from zygote to spikelet.
Itoh J, Nonomura K, Ikeda K, Yamaki S, Inukai Y, Yamagishi H, Kitano H, Nagato Y.
Plant Cell Physiol. 2005, 46 (1):23-47 PMID=15659435

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Organ Symbol Name Events Enhancer
Trap Lines
Figures Mutant Lines
Expressed Gene
ovule Ov1 Ovule primordium differentiation Ovule primordium differentiation.
Carpel elongation
ovule Ov2 Integument primordium differentiation Integument primordium differentiation.
Ovary locule formation.
Archesporial cell enlargement
ovule Ov3 Division of integument primordium Division of integument primordium into inner and outer integuments.
Megaspore mother cell differentiation

ovule Ov4 Meiosis of megaspore mother cell Integuments elongation.
Micropyle formation.
Meiosis of megaspore mother cell
ovule Ov5 Degeneration of three micropylar spores Integuments elongation.
Degeneration of three micropylar spores
ovule Ov6 First mitotic nuclear division First mitotic nuclear division of chalazal spore.
Onset of ovule inclination
ovule Ov7 Second mitotic nuclear division Second mitotic nuclear division.
Vacuole formation in megagametophyte
ovule Ov8 Third mitotic nuclear division Third mitotic nuclear division resulting in eight-nucleate megagametophyte
ovule Ov9 Polarization of nuclei Polarization of nuclei.
Completion of ovule inclination
ovule Ov10 Maturation Maturation P5817

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