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Cell differentiation in the longitudinal veins and formation of commissural veins in rice (Oryza sativa) and maize (Zea mays).
Sakaguchi J, Fukuda H.
J Plant Res. 2008 121(6):593-602. PMID=18932023

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Organ Symbol Name Events Enhancer
Trap Lines
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Expressed Gene
vascular bundle(large vascular bundle) LV1 Establishment of procambium The procambium (PC) emerges from the middle layer of the ground marksmen and forms the circular layer (CL) structure in its outmost zone.
vascular bundle(large vascular bundle) LV2 Establishment of protoxylem and phloem tissue A primary protoxylem vessel (PX) a few phloem cells (Ph) emerges on the adaxial and abaxial sides, respectively.
vascular bundle(large vascular bundle) LV3 Differentiation of secondary protoxylem A cell adjacent to the primary protoxylem vessel (PX) starts expanding and differentiates into a secondary protoxylem vessel.
vascular bundle(large vascular bundle) LV4 Establishment of metaxylems Two cells adjacent to the circular layer start differentiating into metaxylem vessels (MX).
vascular bundle(large vascular bundle) LV5 Differentiation of vascular bundle sheath Ground meristem cells surrounding the circular layer start expanding remarkably and differentiating into vascular bundle sheath (VBS) cells
vascular bundle(large vascular bundle) LV6 Maturation The former position of the protoxylem vessel is occupied by the protoxylem lacuna (PL), and the circular layer is differentiated into the mestome sheath (MS).

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