Stages in Each Organ

Stages in Each Organ Detail

Stages in Each Organ
Stages in Each Organ Symbol In1
Stages in Each Organ Name Establishment of rachis meristem
Organ Inflorescence
Days after polination
No. of cell
Meristem identity/lateral organ identity Rachis meristem/primary branch
Inflorescence length(mm) 0.05-0.1
Anther length(mm)
Floret length(mm)
Ovule stage
Events Conversion of vegetative meristem to rachis meristem.
Enlargement of rachis meristem.
Formation of bract 1 primordium.
Onset of -2 stem internode elongation
Events in Pmc
Events in Mmc
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Rice plant development: from zygote to spikelet., Itoh J, Nonomura K, Ikeda K, Yamaki S, Inukai Y, Yamagishi H, Kitano H, Nagato Y.