13. Localization of gene Gdh-1 for glutamate dehydrogenase


Faculty of Agriculture, Hirosaki University, Hirosaki, 036 Japan

Acc259, a native Japonica variety from Philippines kept in National Institute of Genetics as a tester, was found to have a rare allele, Gdh-12 for glutamate dehydrogenase. Its linkage relation was examined using this variety, and was found to be linked with Pgi-1 for phosphoglucose isomerase on chromosome 3 with a recombination value of 8.4% (Ishikawa et al. 1991). To determine the map positions of these genes, their linkage relations with morphological markers on chromosome 3 were examined.

In an F2 population from a cross between FL58 having chl-1 (chlorina-1) and Acc259, Gdh-1 showed linkage with chl-1, the recombination value being 3.6% (Table 1). Pgi-1 is already known to be linked with chl-1 and v-1 (vires- cent-1) with recombination values of 27.2% and 34.4%, respectively (Ishikawa et al. 1991). Accordingly, the order of these genes was confirmed to be chl-1- Gdh-1-Pgi-1-v-1 as shown in Fig. 1.

Table 1. Linkage of Gdh-12 in Acc259 and chl-1 in FL58 found in the F2
population between FL58 and Acc259
                      Gdh-1              Total F2         Recombination
chl-1/+      ========================    plants           value (%)
              2/2    2/1    1/1
+/chl-1)      16     31     0              47              3.6+-2.43 

chl-1/chl-1    0      2    11              13

Fig. 1. Linkage map of chromosome 3.


Ishikawa, R., H. Morishima, T. Kinoshita, T. Harada, M. Niizeki and K. Saito, 1991. Linkage analysis of nine isozyme genes on the conventional linkage map in rice. Jpn. J. Breed. 41: 265-272.