D. Report of the Committee on Genetic Engineering
(Molecular Analysis of Rice Genes)


Section of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology, Cornell University,
Ithaca, New York 14853, U.S.A.

Between August 1988-1989, approximately 15 papers on the molecular analysis of rice genes were published and reviewed in Volume 6 of the RGN; between August 1989-1990, approximately 30 papers were published and reviewed in Volume 7 of the RGN. However, between August 1990-August 1991, over 90 papers on rice gene analysis were published. Therefore, it is no longer practical to review each paper within the limited size of this article. Thus, for this report, I have only listed these papers according to their topic and have given the full reference so that anyone interested in reading any of the papers can readily find them. The list of papers is not complete. Short notes and abstracts of papers have not been included. In addition, only papers published in English have been included. If any papers have been left out, I apologize for not including them in the references of this report.

I. Cloning and sequencing of nuclear genes

Anderson et al. (1990); Lei and Wu (1991); Rothenberg and Wu (1991); Shimada and Tada (1991); Shyur and Chen (1990); Wang et al. (1990c)

II. Transcriptional analysis of genes in vitro

Kim and Wu (1990); Takaiwa and Oono (1990)

III. Transcriptional analysis of genes in vivo; Linkage analysis

Anderson et al. (1991); Ishii et al. (1990); Jena and Kochert (1991); Phom et al. (1990); Ricard et al. (1991); Second (1991)

IV. Regeneration of rice plants

Cho and Zapata (1990); Dutta et al. (1990a, 1990b), Guiderdoni (1991); Hayashimoto et al. (1990); Higuchi and Maeda (1990); Lyznik et al. (1991)

V. Transgenic rice; Transcriptional analysis of genes in transgenic plants

Battraw and Hall (1990); Cao et al. (1990); Claes et al. (1991); Izawa et al. (1991); Lee et al. (1991); Meijer et al. (1991); Nagatani et al. (1991); Peng et al. (1990); Tada et al. (1990); Tada et al. (1991); Takaiwa et al. (1991); Wu (1991); Wu et al. (1990); Zhang et al. (1991)

VI. Somaclonal variation; Recombination; Molecular changes in regenerated plants or cultured cells

Brown et al. (1990); Cao et al. (1991); Castiglione et al. (1991); Higashitani et al. (1990)

VII. Hormone regulated genes

Huang et al. (1990); Karrer et al. (1991); Kobayashi et al. (1990); O'Neill et al. (1990); Sutliff et al. (1991); Yamaguchi-Shinozaki et al. (1990); Su et al. (1990)

VIII. Repetitive DNAs; rDNAs; Chromosome mapping

Cuzzoni et al. (1990); Dutta et al. (1991); Fukui and Iijima (1991); Iijima et al. (1991); Sano and Sano (1990); Takaiwa et al. (1990); Wu et al. (1991)

IX. Chitinase; Stress-related genes

Huang et al. (1991); Nishizawa and Hibi (1991); Zhu and Lamb (1991)

X. Evolutionary relationship

Barbier et al. (1991); Dehesh et al. (1991); Kemmerer et al. (1991)

XI. Genes of rice viruses

Gao et al. (1990); Hay et al. (1991); Suzuki et al. (1990)

XII. Chloroplast and mitochondrial genes

Chen et al. (1990); Chowdhury et al. (1990); Dally and Second (1990); Hirai (1991); Kadowaki et al. (1990a, 1990b); Matsuoka (1990); Sakamoto et al. (1990); Shimada et al. (1990); Shimada and Sugiura (1991); Wang et al. (1990a, 1990b)

XIII. Nutritional improvement; Miscellaneous

Bajai (1991); Flowers et al. (1990); Huebner et al. (1990); Ludlow and Muchow (1990); Sano (1990); Schmitz and Lorz (1990); Sobral et al. (1990); Uchimiya and Toriyama (1991)

XIV. Protease inhibitors; Other proteins

Arai et al. (1991); Chen (1990); Chiba et al. (1990); Giordano et al. (1991); Liang et al. (1991); Masumura et al. (1991); Mawal et al. (1990); Nakamura et al. (1991); Shirata and Takagishi (1990)


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