A. Report of the Coordinating Committee
of Rice Genetics Cooperative

A meeting of the Coordinating Committee of RGC was held during the Third International Workshop on Rice Molecular Biology at Sapporo, Japan on August 20, 1991 in the Conference Hall of Hokkaido University. Members present were: Drs. Y. Futsuhara, A. Hirai, G.S. Khush, T. Kinoshita, M.E. Takahashi, K. Takeda and Ray Wu. Proceedings of Second International Rice Genetics Symposium entitled Rice Genetics II is likely to be published before the end of the year and copies will be mailed to the participants free of cost. Matters related to the nomenclature for gene symbolization of cloned genes were discussed. A committee under the chairmanship of Ray Wu was set up during the Second International Rice Genetics Symposium to prepare the rules for symbolizing cloned genes. The committee has prepared the guidelines for nomenclature of cloned genes or DNA segments in rice which are published in this volume. If you have any suggestions for modifying the guidelines, please write to Ray Wu.

Rules for gene symbolization of some morphological traits such as earliness, leaf structure, dwarfing and leaf spotting are still not accepted by different groups. T. Kinoshita is striving to evolve acceptable rules and cooperation of everyone will be highly appreciated.

Two RFLP maps of rice have been prepared. The committee urges the adoption of uniform rules for symbolizing the RFLP markers. Drs. A. Saito and S. D. Tanksley should discuss the matter and propose an agreed system. They should redouble their efforts to combine the two maps.

Timing and venue for the Third International Rice Genetics Symposium were discussed. It was decided to hold the symposium in 1995. The venue for the Symposium will be finalized when the Coordinating Committee meets either during the 7th SABRAO Congress which will be held in Taipei, Taiwan in 1993, or some other international meetings.

M.E. Takahashi, Chairman

K.J. Lampe, Co-Chairman