III. Lists of gene symbols

Gene symbols newly adopted and linkage relations newly confirmed are listed. These are supplementary to those listed in RGN 1, 2 and 3. Because of the delay of determination of a unified numbering system of chromosomes, the numbering of linkage groups proposed by Kinoshita (see Table 4) is used in the list.

Table   1.   New   gene   symbols   (Supplement)
ae-2(t)                     amylose extender-2
aul                         auricleless
bc-4                        brittle culm-4
bph-5                       brown planthopper resistance-5
drp-8(t)                    dripping-wet leaf-8
du-4                        dull endosperm-4
du-5                        dull endosperm-5
esp-1                       endosperm storage protein-1
esp-2                       endosperm storage protein-2
esp-3                       endosperm storage protein-3
lam(t)                      low amylose endosperm
mp-1                        multiple pistil-1
mp-2                        multiple pistil-2
M-Pox-l                     Modifier for peroxydase-1
oms                         open hull male sterile
rcn-2                       reduced culm number-2
z-6                         zebra-6
Zlh-1                       Zigzag leafhopper resistance-1
Zlh-2                       Zigzag leafhopper resistance-2
Zlh-3                       Zigzag leafhopper resistance-3

      Table 2. Revision of gene symbols
Old      New           Name
lhs-2    lhs-1    leafy hull sterile-I
Xa-4b    Xa-3     Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae-3
Xa-6     Xa-3     Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae-3
Xa-9     Xa-3     Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae-3
Xa-pt    Xa-11    Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae-11
Xa-kg    Xa-12    Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae-12

Report of the Committee on Gene Symbolization

Table 3. List of marker genes newly assigned to respective 
         linkage groups (Supplement)
Gene           Name               Gene locus       Reference
Group I (wx group)

bc-4         brittle culm-4       triplo-3         79
mp-2         multiple pisil-2     triplo-3         79

Group II (Pl group)

aul          auricleless          triplo-12        79
drp-8(t)     dripping-wet leaf-8  28%-lg          146
spr-1        spreading panicle-1  27%-Pl           63

Group III (A group)

d-10         kikeibanshinriki      28              88
             tillering dwarf
A            Anthocyanin activator 50              88
shr-1        shrunken endosperm-1  52              88
rl-4         rolled leaf-4         70              88
mp-1         multiple pistil-1     triplo-1        79

Group IV (g-1 group)

z-6          zebra-6               45              84
esp-1        endosperm storage 
             protein-1            trisomic-F       73,74
Est-9        Esterase-9           triplo-7         126

Group   V (I-Bf group)

lam(t)       low amylose 
             endosperm             39              58

Group VI+IX (d-1 group)

Ga*          Gamdiness             37%-nl-1        14
Glh-6        Green leafhopper 
             resistance            triplo-5       178

Group  VIII  (la   group)	

drp-7(t)     dripping-wet leaf-7   50             146
Adh-1        Alchohol 
             dehydrogenase-1       triplo-11      126
esp-2        endosperm storage 
             protein-2             trisomic-G     73,74
Pgd-1        Phosphogluconate 
             dehydrogenase         trisomic-G      27
Group XI+XII (bc-1 group)

lhs-1        leafy hull sterile-1  131.5          53,54
Hg           Hriry glume           132            54,79
Gb*          Gamadiness            27%-bc-1        14
Pgi-1        Phosphoglucose            
             isomerase-1           triplo-4       126

fgl group

Ef-1         Earliness-1           28             138,141
d-20         hayayuki dwarf        triplo-10       54,56
ygl*         yellow green leaf     triplo-10       79

d-33  group

spl-1        spotted leaf-1        0               54,56
rl-3         rolled leaf-3         28              54,56
du-4         dull endosperm-4      trisomic-A     194
Sdh-1        Shikimate 
             dehydrogenase-1       triplo-6,       27,126

sug group

sug          sugary endosperm      0               54,56
v-8          virescent-8           49              54,56
Amp-2        Aminopeptidase-2      trisomic-D      27
shr-2        shrunken endosperm-2  trisomic-D      89
*Gene symbols unauthorized by the Committee.

Table 4. Comparisons among various numbering systems of 
         linkage groups, chromosomes and trisomics
Linkage groups         Chromosomes           Trisomics
________________   _____________________ _____________________
Kinoshita Misro*   Nishi- Shastry Kurata Khush     Iwata and                                     
(59)      (91)     (109)  (148)   (75)   (56)      (35)
I         I         6      3      K6     triplo- 3     B
II        II       11     12      K4     triplo-12     E
III       III       3      1      K1     triplo-1      0
IV        IV       10      7      K11    triplo-7      F
VI+IX     VI,XII    2      5      K9     triplo-5      L
V,VII     IX        1      9      K1O    triplo-9      H
VIII      VIII      9     11      K8     triplo-11 G(I.G. & K)
X                   8      2      K2     triplo-2      N
XI+XII    XI        5      4      K3     triplo-4      M
fgl                 7     10      K12    triplo-10     C
d-33                4      6      K5     triplo-6      A
sug                12      8      K7     triplo-8      D
*Groups V, VII and X were not correlated with Kinoshita's