III. List of gene markers maintained in the Rice Genetic Stock Center, IRRI
(Compiled by G. S. Khush)

RGS Gene Symbol     Linkage Group      Character                      Genetic
No.                                                                  Background
001 tri           X                  triangular hull                   Indica
002 ws, dl        I, XI              white stripe, droopy leaf         Indica
003 ws, lg        I, II              white stripe, liguleless          Indica
004 Cl            I                  clustered spikelets               Indica
005 Ps-1, Lh      I, XI              purple stigma-1, long hair        Indica
006 gh-2          X                  gold hull-2                       Indica
007 nl-1          VI+IX              neck leaf-1                       Indica
008 nl-1, bc-1    VI+IX, XI          neck leaf-1, brittle culm-1       Indica
009 bc-1, gl-1    XI, XII            brittle culm-1, glabrous-1        Indica
010 g             IV                 long glume                        Indica
011 dp-2          VII                depressed palea-2                 Indica
012 pgl           fgl linkage group  pale green leaf                   Indica
013 fl            fgl linkage group  faded leaf                        Indica
014 la            VIII               lazy growth habit                 Indica
015 z-2           VIII               zebra striped leaf-2              Indica
016 lg            II                 liguleless                        Indica
017 eg            III                extra glume                       Indica
018 lax           III                lax panicle                       Indica
019 ch-1          XI                 chlorina leaves-1                 Indica
020 dl            XI                 droopy leaves                     Indica
021 v-l           I                  virescent-1, whitish panicle      Indica
022 bf                               brown furrow                      (IR36)
023 bc-3          X                  brittle culm-3 (not clear cut)    Indica
024 ch-1, nl-1    X, VI+IX           chlorina leaves-1, neck leaf-1    Indica
025 ch-1, gh-2    XI, X              chlorina leaves-1, gold hull-2    Japonica
026 dt, wx        VIII, I            tillering dwarf, waxy             Japonica
027 nl-1, spl-1   VI+IX, d-33        neck leaf-1, spotted leaf-1       Japonica
028 dl, dp-1, gl  XI, I, XII         droopy leaf, depressed palea-1,   Japonica
029 lg, v-1       I, XI              liguleless, virescent-1           Japonica
030 lg, gh-2      I, X               liguleless, gold hull-2           Japonica
031 lax, z-1      VIII, VIII         lax panicle, zebra stripe leaf-1  Japonica
032 d-1, ops      VI+IX, VI+IX       "diakoku" dwarf, open spikelet    Japonica
033 fl, I-Bf      fgl linkage group, faded green leaf, inhibitor for   Japonica
                  VII                brown furrow on hull
034 lg, z-2       I, VIII            liguleless, zebra striped leaf-2  Japonica
035 lg, spl-5     I, IV              liguleless, spotted leaf-5        Japonica
036 lg, dk-1      I, X               liguleless, "kyudai" dwarf-1      Japonica
037 lg, spl-3     I, XI              liguleless, spotted leaf-3        Japonica
038 bl-1, gh-3    X, X               brown discoloration of leaves and Japonica
                                     glumes-1, gold hull-3
039 lg, fc        I, XI              liguleless, fine culm             Japonica
040 dp-1, spl-4   I, I               depressed palea-1, spotted leaf-4 Japonica
041 lg, nal-1     I, II              liguleless, narrow leaf-1         Japonica
042 lg, d-1, nl-2 I, VI+IX, VI+IX    liguleless, "daikoku" dwarf-1,    Japonica
                                     neck leaf-2
043 lg, bc-3      I, X               liguleless, brittle culm-3        Japonica
044 lg, rk-1      I, II              liguleless, round kernel-1        Japonica
045 ch-l, rl-2    XI, II             chlorina-1, rolled leaf-2         Japonica
046 bc-3, gh-3    X, X               brittle culm-3, gold hull         Japonica
047 lg, rk-2      I, fgl             liguleless, round kernel-2        Japonica
048 bc-1          XI                 brittle culm-1                    Japonica
049 pgl           fgl linkage group  pale green leaf                   Japonica
053 gh-2          X                  Balilla mutant no. 10 (gold hull  Japonica
054 la            VIII               Balilla mutant no. 19 (lazy       Japonica
055 la            VIII               Cesariot mutant no. 28 (lazy      Japonica
061 gh-2                             Cesariot mutant no. 13 (gold hull Japonica
067 spl-1                            Arlesienne mutant no. 10 (spotted Japonica
070 tri           X                  Americano mutant no. 8            Japonica
                                     (triangular hull)
071 d-18          III                Americano mutant no. 9 (dwarf     Japonica
073 la            VIII               Americano mutant no. 16 (lazy     Japonica
077 bl                               Cigalon mutant no. 20 (black leaf Japonica
078 wx, bf        I                  glutinous, brown furrow           Indica
079 Cl, Pr        I, II              clustered panicle, purple hull    Indica
080 A, C          III, I             chromogen                         Indica
081 lg            II                 liguleless (not clear cut)        Indica
082 Pp, Pb, g     III(V), II, IV     purple pericarp, long glume       Indica
083 wh            II                 white hull                        Indica
084 ph, Bh        II, II             negative phenol reaction, black   Indica
085 drp                              dripping wet (not clear cut)      Indica
086 Pn            III                purple node                       Indica
087 Pn, Pau       III, III           purple node, purple auricle       Indica
088 anl                              angled leaf                       Indica
089 g, gh-2       IV, X              long glume, gold hull-2           Indica
090 Rd,(Rc)                          red pericarp                      Indica
091 gh-2, wx      X, I               gold hull-2, glutinous            Indica
092 Ps+                              purple sheath                     Indica
093 gh-2, gl      X, VI+IX           gold hull-2, glabrous             Indica
094 la            VIII               lazy                              Indica
095 nl                               neck leaf                         Indica
096 bl                               brown leaf spot                   Indica
097 bc-1, Bh, Ph                     brittle culm, black hull,         Indica
098 wx, sk        X, III(V)          glutinous, scented kernel         Indica
099 ch-1, spl-1   XI, d-33           chlorina leaves-1, spotted leaf-1 Indica
100 nal-2, g      VII, IV            narrow leaf-2, long glume         Indica
101 rl-1, ri      III, VI+IX         rolled leaf-1, verticillate       Indica
102 lhs(ops)      VI+IX              naked seed rice (rice-wheat       Indica
                                     hybrid F4)
103 eui           VI+IX              elongated uppermost internode     Indica
104 lhs           VI+IX              long hull sterile                 Indica
105 ju-22                            auricleless                       Indica
106 d-1, A, C, lg VI+IX, III, II, I  dwarf-1, chromogen, liguleless    Japonica
107 dw, A, C, lg  X, III, I, II      dwarf, chromogen liguleless       Japonica
108 tri, lg       X, II              triangular hull, liguleless       Japonica
109 dp-2, lg      VII, II            depressed palea-2, liguleless     Japonica
110 dl, d-6       XI, IV             droopy leaf, dwarf-6              Japonica
111 d-18, dl      III, XI            dwarf-18, droopy leaf             Japonica
112 AC, dl, spl-2 III, I, XI         chromogen, droopy leaf, spotted   Japonica
113 ch-1, d-6     XI, IV             chlorina leaves-1, dwarf-6        Japonica
114 Bp, ch-1      VII, XI            bulrush-like panicle, chlorina    Japonica
115 Dn, ch-1      VII, XI            dense panicle, chlorina leaves-1  Japonica
116 ch-1, lg      XI, II             chlorina leaves-1, liguleless     Japonica
117 wx, lg        I, II              glutinous, liguleless             Japonica
118 dl, wx        XI, I              droopy leaf, glutinous            Japonica
119 nal-2, -3, sp VIII, VIII, VIII   narrow leaf-2, -3, short panicle  Japonica
120 d-2, lg       II, II             dwarf-2, liguleless               Japonica
121 d-11, lg      II, II             dwarf-11, liguleless              Japonica
122 d-1, bl-1     VI+IX, X           dwarf-1, black leaf spot-1        Japonica
123 d-1, spl-1    VI+IX, d-33        dwarf-1, spotted leaf-1           Japonica
124 nl-1, rl-1    VI+IX, III         neck leaf-1, rolled leaf-1        Japonica
125 Pr, Pn, sp    II, III, VIII      purple pericarp, purple node,     Japonica
                                     short panicle
126 d-10, A, C, wxIII, III, I, I     dwarf-10, chromogen, glutinous    Japonica
127 dp-1, wx, ws  I, I, I            depressed palea-1, glutinous,     Japonica
                                     white stripe
128 bl, tri       XI, X              black leaf spot, triangular hull  Japonica
129 nl-1, ri      VI+IX, VI+IX       neck leaf-1, verticillate rachis  Japonica
130 spl-2, g, lg  X, IV, II          spotted leaf-2, long glume,       Japonica
131 v-1, wx       XI, I              virescent-1, glutinous            Japonica
132 d-11, Pn      II, III            dwarf-11, purple node             Japonica
133 dl, dp-1, Cl  XI, I, I           droopy leaf, depressed palea-1,   Japonica
                                     clustered spikelets
134 d-10, eg      III, III           dwarf-10, extra glume             Japonica
135 Bp, fl        VII, fgl group     bulrush-like panicle, faded leaf  Japonica
136 Dn, dp-2      VII, VII           dense panicle, depressed palea-2  Japonica
137 d-30 gh-2     X, X               "waisei-shirasasa" dwarf, gold    Japonica
138 d-32, lg      X, II              "kyudai" dwarf-4, liguleless      Japonica
139 ch-4, lg      I, II              chlorina leaves-4, liguleless     Japonica
140 spl-5, lg     IV, II             spotted leaf-5, liguleless        Japonica
141 spl-7, wx, lg VI+IX, I, II       spotted leaf-7, glutinous,        Japonica
142 rfs, lg'      XI, II             rolled fine stripes, liguleless   Japonica
143 la            VIII               lazy growth                       Japonica
144 la, sp, z-1, lVIII, VIII,        lazy growth, short panicle, zebra Japonica
                  VIII,II            striped leaf-1, liguleless
145 v-2, spl-3    XI, XI             virescent-2, spotted leaf-3       Japonica
146 dl, rfs       XI, IV             droopy leaf, rolled leaf fine     Japonica
147 la, sp, dt    VIII, VIII, VIII   lazy, short panicle, tillering    Japonica
148 Dn, Bp, drp-2 VII, VII, VII      dense panicle, bulrush-like       Japonica
                                     panicle, dripping wet-2
149 d-6, g, spl-5,IV, IV, IV, IV     dwarf-6, long glume, spotted leaf Japonica
    Rc                               -5, brown pericarp and seed coat
150 Dn, drp-1,dp-2VII, II, VII       dense panicle, dripping wet-      Japonica
                                     1,depressed palea-2
151 lg, rk-1      II, II             liguleless, round kernel-1        Japonica
152 bc-3, dk-1    II, X              brittle culm-3, "kyudai" dwarf-1  Japonica
153 spl-6, lg     III, II            spotted leaf-6, liguleless        Japonica
154 spl-6, lax lg III, I, II         spotted leaf-6, lax panicle,      Japonica
155 I-Bf, eg,spl-6V, I, III          inhibitor for brown furrow, extra Japonica
                                     glume, leaf-6
156 bc-3, gh-3    X, X               brittle culm-3, gold hull-3       Japonica
157 la, v-4       VIII, VIII         lazy growth, virescent-4          Japonica
158 sp, Dk-3, lg  VIII, VIII, II     short panicle, dwarf "kyushu"-3,  Japonica
159 fc, ch-3, lg  XI, XI, II         fine culm, chlorina leaves-3,     Japonica
160 rk-2, lg      fgl, II            round kernel-2, liguleless        Japonica
161 nl-1, gl      VI, XII            neck leaf-1, glabrous             Japonica
162 nl-1, spl-7,riVI, VI+IX, VI+IX   neck leaf-1, spotted leaf-7,      Japonica
                                     verticillate rachis
163 spl-8, lg     VI+IX, II          spotted leaf-8, liguleless        Japonica
164 rl-2, A, C, dlII, III, I, XI     rolled leaf-2, chromogen, droopy  Japonica
165 d-18, fs-2    III, III           dwarf-18, fine stripe-2           Japonica
166 lax, ch-5, A,CI, III, III, I     lax panicle, chlorina leaves-5,   Japonica
167 ch-5, A, C, lg                   chlorina-5, chromogen, liguleless Japonica
168 v-6, lg       III, II            virescent-6, liguleless           Japonica
169 v-6, lax      III, I             virescent-6, lax panicle          Japonica
170 ch-6, lax     III, I             chlorina leaves-6, lax panicle    Japonica
171 eg, dk-6      I, III             extra glume, dwarf-kyushu-6       Japonica
172 rl-2, dk-2    II, III            rolled leaf-2, dwarf-kyushu-5     Japonica
173 I-Bf,ch-1,fc,vV, XI, XI, XI, XI  inhibitor for brown furrow,       Japonica
    -2,spl-3                         chlorina leaves-1, fine culm,
                                     virescent-2, spotted leaf-3
174 dl, bc-1, ch-2XI, XI, XI         droopy leaf, brittle culm-1       Japonica
175 dk-7, lg      XI, II             dwarf-kyushu-7, liguleless        Japonica
176 ch-1, ch-3 fc XI, XI, XI         chlorina leaves-1, chlorina       Japonica
                                     leaves-3, fine culm
177 drp-4, lg                        dripping wet-4, liguleless        Japonica
178 fc, v-7                          fine culm, virescent-7            Japonica
179 fc, v-7                          fine culm, virescent-7            Japonica
180 ch-1, fc, v-5 XI, XI, XI         chlorina leaves-1, fine culm,     Japonica
181 dl, dk-7      XI, XI             droopy leaf, dwarf-kyushu-7       Japonica
182 bc-1, v-2,dk-7XI, XI, XI         brittle culm-1, virescent-2,      Japonica
183 dp-1, spl-4,  I, I, I, II        depressed palea-1, spotted leaf-  Japonica
    ws, lg                           4, white stripe, liguleless
184 v-3, lg       I, II              virescent-3, liguleless           Japonica
185 dl, dp-1, v-3 XI, I, I           droopy leaf, depressed palea-1,   Japonica
186 wx, v-3       I, I               glutinous, virescent-3            Japonica
187 gh-3, dk-4    X, X               gold hull-3, dwarf kyushu-4       Japonica
188 sp, v-4       VIII, VIII         short panicle, virescent-4        Japonica
189 ylm, rk-1     II, II             yellow leaf margin, round kernel- Japonica
190 v-1, ch-1     XI, XI             virescent-1, chlorina-1           Japonica
191 spl-5, rfs    IV, IV             spotted leaf-5, rolled fine       Japonica
                                     stripe leaves
192 ch-1, v-3     XI, I              chlorina leaves-1, virescent-3    Japonica
193 nl-1, spl-8   VI+IX, VI+IX       neck leaf-1, spotted leaf-8       Japonica
194 fl, rk-2      fgl linkage group  faded leaf, round kernel-2        Japonica
195 fl, rk-2, lg  fgl linkage group, faded leaf, round kernel-2,       Japonica
                  II                 liguleless
196 la, v-4, z-2  VIII, VIII, VII    lazy growth, virescent-4, zebra   Japonica
                                     striped leaf-2
197 dl, bc-1,ch-2,XI, XI, XI, XI     droopy leaf, brittle culm-1,      Japonica
    fc                               chlorina-2, fine culm
198 dl, z-2       XI, VIII           droopy leaf, zebra leaf stripe-2  Japonica
199 drp-3, lg     XI, II             dripping wet-3, liguleless        Japonica
200 dl, drp-3     XI, XI             droopy leaf, dripping wet-3       Japonica
201 rl-3                             rolled leaf-3                     Japonica
202 pgl           fgl linkage group  pale green leaf                   Japonica
203 st, z-l                          striped leaf, zebra striped leaf  Japonica
204 pl, M(spl)    XI, ?              droopy leaf, spotted leaf mutant  Japonica
205 z-3           XI                 zebra striped leaf-3              Japonica
206 ch-4, dp-1    I, I               chlorina leaves-4, depressed      Japonica
207 drp                              dripping wet                      Indica
208 gl, v-seg                        glabrous, virescent               Indica
209 Lh(Hg)                           long hair(hairy glumes)           Indica
210 ygl                              yellow green leaf                 Indica
211 C, A, P, V,Pr,I, III, II, ?, II, purple apiculus, virescent,       Indica
    gl            I                  purple hull, glabrous
212 wx, gh, gl, bl                   glutinous, gold hull, glabrous,   Indica
                                     black leaf spot
214 d-31, nal     II, ?              dwarf-31, narrow leaf             Indica
215 d-42, lg      II, II             dwarf-42, liguleless              Indica
216 lax           I                  nude panicle                      Indica
217 op                               open palea                        Japonica
218 shp                              sheathed panicle                  Indica
219 su, v-8                          sugary, virescent-8               Japonica
220 bc, z-4                          brittle culm, zebra stripes-4     Japonica
221 dp                               depressed palea                   Japonica
222 dp, sp        ?, VIII            depressed palea, short panicle    Japonica
223 lg, la, dl, dBII, VIII, XI, d-33 liguleless, lazy growth habit,    Japonica
                                     droopy leaf, "bonsai" dwarf
224 wp-1                             white panicle-1                   Indica
225 wp-2                             white panicle-2                   Indica
226 chl-1                            chlorina-1 (misra)                Indica
227 RNMS-1                           male sterile empty endosperm      Indica
228 dr-1                             double rice-1                     Indica
229 Ps-1          I                  purple stigma                     Japonica
230 dl            XI                 midribless-1                      Indica
231 dl            XI                 midribless-2                      Indica
232 dl            XI                 midribless-3                      Indica
233 la                               lazy growth                       Indica
234 la            VIII               lazy growth                       Indica
235 Hg            XII                hairy glumes                      Japonica
236 md-1, sd-1    XII, III           multiple pistil-1, semi-dwarf-1   Indica
237 Cl            I                  clustered spikelets               Indica
238 lg            II                 liguleless                        Indica
239 Av            I                  white stripes (Fs type)           Indica
244 z-2                              zebra striped leaf-2 (Misra)      Indica
249 cl-6                             chlorina leaves-6                 Indica
256 d-l           VI+IX              cigar dwarf (R-17)                Indica
257 d-l           VI+IX              cigar dwarf (R-385)               Indica
258                                  purple rice (Crossa 2)            Indica
259 la                               lazy                              Indica
262 spl-1, sd-1   d-33, III          spotted leaf-1, semi-dwarf-1      Indica
263 chl-1, sd-1   XI, III            chlorina leaves-1 (misra), semi   Indica
264 ygl, sd-1     ?, III             yellow green leaf, semi-dwarf-1   Indica
265 shp, sd-1                        sheathed panicle, semi-dwarf-1    Indica
266 mp-2, sd-1    IV(?), III         multiple pistil-2, semi-dwarf-1   Indica
267 wp-1, v                          white panicle-1, virescent        Indica
268 lax, sd-1     III, III           lax panicle, semi-dwarf-1         Indica
269 Pl, lg        II, II             purple leaf, liguleless           Japonica
270 lg, spl-9     II, ?              liguleless, spotted leaf-9        Japonica
271 bgl-1, d-1,opsVI+IX, VI+IX, ?    bright green leaf, dwarf-1, open  Japonica
                                     spikelet sterile
272 stl, v-7      XI, XI             striped leaf, virescent-7         Japonica
283 nal                              narrow leaf                       Indica
284 Cl, gh, g     I, X, IV           clustered spikelets, gold hull,   Indica
                                     long glumes
285 bc                               brittle culm                      Indica
286 bn                               brittle culm, brittle node        Indica
288 Prp, g        ?, IV              Pirurutong purple pericarp, long  Indica
289 bc-2                             brittle culm-2                    Japonica
290 v-8, sd-1     VI+IX, III         virescent-8, semi-dwarf-1         Indica
291 eui, sd-1     VI+IX, III         elongated uppermost internode,    Indica
292 aul, sd-1     ?, III             auricleless, semi-dwarf-1         Indica
293 bc-4, sd-1    ?, III             brittle culm-4, semi-dwarf-1      Indica
294 eg                               multi-glumes                      Indica
295 gh-1, sd-1    VI+IX, III         gold hull-1, semi-dwarf-1         Indica
296 bc-1, sd-1    XI, III            brittle culm-1, semi-dwarf-1      Indica
297 bc-3, sd-1    X, III             brittle culm-3, semi-dwarf-1      Indica
298 pl            II                 purple rice (recessive)           Indica
299 spl-2, lg,sd-1X, II, III         spotted leaf-2, liguleless, semi- Indica
300 spl-3, sd-1   XI, III            spotted leaf-3, semi-dwarf-1      Indica
301 spl-5, sd-1   IV, III            spotted leaf-5, semi-dwarf-1      Indica
302 rfg, sd-1     IV, III            rolled fine striped leaves, semi- Indica
303 rfs, sp-5,sd-1IV, IV, III        rolled fine striped leaf, spotted Indica
                                     leaf-5, semi-dwarf-1
304 Pl            II                 purple rice                       Indica
305 shp (?)                          sheathed panicle (Gamadi)         Indica
306 eg            III                multiglumes                       Indica
307 la-1          VIII               lazy growth                       Indica
330 mpi                              mimics Piricularia susceptibility Indica(?)
331 C, cl, wx, P, I, I, I, II, II,   chromogen, clustered spikelets,   Indica
    Pl, prp, pj,  III, (IV,V), XII,  glutinous, colored apiculus,
    Gh, An, Gl    XII                purple leaf, purple pericarp
                                     purple junctura, gold hull,
                                     awned, glabrous
332 Plm           II                 purple leaf margin                Indica
333 Sth, cr                          panicle enclosed by flag leaf     Indica
                                     sheath at maturity, crumbly
334 Gm                               extremely long glumes             Indica
335 C, P, Pr, lg, I, II, II, ?, III, chromogen, colored apiculus,      Indica
    pn, gh, An,Gl,VI, XII, XII, IV,  purple hull, liguleless, purple
    g, Pj, nl, v  ?, IX, I           node, gold hull, awned, glabrous,
                                     long glumes, purple junctura,
                                     neck leaf, virescent
336 Gl, Lg, la,   XII, ?, VIII, VI,  glabrous, liguleless, lazy, gold  Indica
    Gh/gh, Prb    ?                  hull brown pericarp
337 Pf, Au, Pn,Gl,?, XII, III, XII   purple furrowson hull, awned,     Indica
                                     purple node, glabrous
338 gf                               gold furrows on hall              Indica
339 Rk                               round kernel                      Indica

In addition to the above, 73 mutant lines whose genes are not identified yet are maintained.