II. List of marker genes (Supplement)

     (Compiled by T. Kinoshita)
Gene                 Linkage  Chromo-  Strain
       Character                                     Reference
symbol               group    some     (Institution)
2.   Chlorophyll aberration

ygl*   yellow green  fgl      7        RGS264[IR]    79
z-6    zebra-6       IV:45    10       AC1OO[HK]     84

3. Dwarfness

sd-5*  semidwarf-5                     Short Labelle 90
4. Spikelet

ae-2(t) amylose 
        extender-2                     K-594583)     58
du-4    dull endo-   d-33     4        EM-98[KY]    142,143,194
du-5    dull endo-                     EM-140[KY]   142,143
esp-1   endosperm    IV      10        CM21[KY]      73,74
(rsp-l) storage
esp-2   endosperm    VIII     9        CM1787[KY]    73,74
(esp-2) storage
esp-3   endosperm                      CM1675[KY]    73
(esp-3) storage
Gs1    Slender                        IR24         176,177
Gs2    Medium kernel                  Thapachini
+       bold kernel                    T(N)1
lam(t)  low amylose  V:39     1        SM-L[HK]      58
lk-i    IRAT-13 long                   IRAT13[HK]   168,170
mp-1    multiple    III       3        RGS237[IR]    79
mp-2    multiple    I         6        RGS266[IR]    79

S. Panicle
Ga*     Gamadiness  VI+IX     2        Gamadi        14
Gb*                 XI+XII    5

lhd    leafy  head                     Mutant from    6
spr-1  spreading    II       11        H-23[HK]      63

6. Leaf and culm

aul    auricleless  II       11        RGS292[IR]    79
bc-4   brittle      I         6        RGS293[IR]    79
drp-8  dripping-wet II       11        CM1522[KY]   144
(t)    leaf-8 
rcn-2  reduced culm                    N-174[HK]    167,169

7.Heading date

lf-1*  late flowering-1                T65(0)Lf[CH] 184,185
lf-2*  late flowering-2                (1)221-[CH]  185

8.    Sterility

lt*   gamete-killing                   Koshihikari, 179,180

ms-1*  male sterile-1                  S5 or S6    52
ms-2*  male sterile-2               from the cross
                                    (Co-40x Vaigai)
ms-18(t)* male sterile-18              MS27[NA]       6,7
ms-19(t)* male sterile-19              MS28[NA]       6,7
ms-20(t)* male sterile-20            MS29,MS15[NA]    6,7,15
ms-21(t)* male sterile-21              MS1[NA]        6,15
ma-22(t)* male sterile-22              MS2[NA]        6,15
ma-23(t)* male sterile-23              MS3[NA]        6,15
ms-24(t)* male sterile-24              MS4[NA]        6,15
ms-25(t)* male sterile-25              MS5[NA]        6,15
ms-26(t)* male sterile-26              MS6[NA]        6,15
ms-27(t)* male sterile-27              MS7[NA]        6,15
ms-28(t)* male sterile-28              MS8[NA]        6,l5
ms-29(t)* male sterile-29              MS9[NA]        6,15
ms-30(t)* male sterile-30              MS10[NA]       6,15
ms-31(t)* male sterile-31              MS11[NA]       6,15
ms-32(t)* male sterile-32              MS12[NA]       6,15
ms-33(t)* male sterile-33              MS13[NA]       6,15
ms-34(t)* male sterile-34              MS14[NA]       6,15
ma-35(t)* male sterile-35              MS15[NA]       6,15
ms-36(t)* male sterile-36              MSl7[NA]       6,15
ms-37(t)* male sterile-37              MS18[NA]       6,15
ms-38(t)* male sterile-38              MS19[NA]       6,15
ms-39(t)* male sterile-39              MS20[NA]       6,15
ms-40(t)* male sterile-40              MS21[NA]       6,15
ms-41(t)* male sterile-41              MS22[NA]       6,15
ms-42(t)* male sterile-42              MS23[NA]       6,15
ms-43(t)* male sterile-43              MS24[NA]       6,15
ms-44(t)* male sterile-44              MS25[NA)       6,15
ms-45(t)* male sterile-45              MS26[NA]       6,15

cms       open  hull male sterile      gl-1-15 M[OKI   171


Rf-1*    Pollen fertility              IR24,         78,80
(R-1)    restoration for,              Zhen-shan
Rf-2*    WA cytoplasm                  97R

Rf-1*    Pollen fertility              IR9761-19-1     188
         restoration                   [IR]
Rf-2*   (sporophyte-gametophyte
Rf-3*    interaction)

12.   Bacterial disease

Xa-a*  Xanthomonas campestris  VIII  9 IR28[IR)        204
       pv. oryzae resistance
Xa-b*                          VIII  9

13.   Insect resistance

bph-5  brown planthopper               ARCLOSSO[IR]     55
Glh-6  Green leafhopper                IR36[IR]        178
Zlh-1  Zigzag leafhopper               Rathu Heenafi     1
       resistance-1                    [IR]
Zlh-2  Zigzag leafhopper               Ptb2l[IR]         1
Zlh-3  Zigzag leafhopper               Ptb33[IR]         1

14.  Isozymes

M-Pox-1  Modifier for peroxydase-1     Pengll7A        123
* Gene symbols unauthorized by the Committee
Institution code:

CH: Food Crops Research Institute, National Chung Hsing University, Tai- chung, Taiwan 400, ROC

GI: Genetic Stock Research Center, National Institute of Genetics, Misima, 411 Japan

HK: Plant Breeding Institute, Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University, Kita 9, Sapporo, 060 Japan

IR: Rice Germplasm Center, International Rice Research Institute, P. O. Box 933, Manila, Philippines

KY: Plant Breeding Laboratory, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University, Hakozaki, Fukuoka, 812 Japan

NA: National Institute of Aerobiological Resources, Tsukuba Science City, Ibaraki-ken, 305 Japan

OK: Institute for Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Okayama University, Kurashiki, 710 Japan

RY: Plant Breeding Laboratory, College of Agriculture, University of Ryukyus, Senbaru, Nishihara-cho, Okinawa, 903-01 Japan

UA: Rutger, J. Neil. USDA-ARS, Agronomy Department, University of Cali- fornia, Davis, CA 95616, U.S.A.

YA: College of Agriculture, Yamagata University, Tsuruoka, 997 Japan

References shown by numbers: Listed in B(V) Literature on genic analysis