C. Report of the Committee on Genetic Stocks

T. Omura, Convener

I. Rice Genetic Stock Center (Kyushu University)

We received some information and the seeds samples on rice genetic stocks from three members of RGC: three strains carrying genes for F1 weakness and F2 chlorosis from Dr. Y. I. Sato, a Korean-native variety with red pericarp from Dr. M. H. Heu, and a strain conveying a new semi-dwarf gene from Dr. C. H. Hu. We appreciate their kind cooperation to the activity of this Committee.

We request again all members of the RGC to send us information and seeds samples on rice genetic stocks available with them. Especially, when a marker gene is newly reported, please provide us a small amount of the seeds and the related information.

We are planning to list up the marker gene stocks in the next volume of RGN, after the new numbering system of chromosomes is decided. Your kind cooperation will be highly appreciated.