A. Report of the Coordinating Committee of
Rice Genetics Cooperative

A meeting of the Coordinating Committee of Rice Genetics Cooperative was held on October 22-24, 1987 at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Los Banos, Philippines. The following committee members attended the meeting: Dr. T. Matsuo, Dr. Y. Futsuhara, Dr. G. S. Khush, Dr. T. Kinoshita, Dr. H. I. Oka, Dr. T. Omura, Dr. D. Senadhira and Dr. H. K. Wu, Dr. T. Tsuchiya, a former editor of Barley Genetics Newsletter attended the meeting as a special invitee.

The topics discussed and the conclusions reached are as follows:

1. Second International Rice Genetics Symposium

It was decided to hold the 2nd International Rice Genetics Symposium at IRRI in mid-May 1990. An organizing committee will be established. Following names were suggested:

     Co-chairmen: Dr. M. S. Swaminathan; Dr. H. I. Oka
     Secretaries: Dr. G. S. Khush; Dr. Y. Futsuhara
     Members: 1) Dr. M. H. Heu; 2) Dr. M. Jacquot;
              3) Prof.  Min Shao-Kai; 4) Dr. T. Kinoshita;
              5) Dr. J. N. Rutger; 6) Dr. E. A. Siddique;
              7) Dr. L. A. Sitch; 8) Dr. G. Toenniessen;
              9) Dr. H. K. Wu; 10) Dr. Ray Wu
These prospective committee members will be contacted to seek their con- currence.

First circular announcing the symposium will be sent in early 1988.

2. Chromosome numbering system

As reported in RGN 3, Drs. R. J. Singh and N. Kurata met at IRRI in June 1986 and examined the chromsomes of IR36 trisomic series at pachytene stage of meiosis. On the basis of their observation the identification of 6 trisomics (Nos. 1, 2, 5, 7, 9 and 10) were confirmed. Dr H. K. Wu of the Institute of Botany, Academia Sinica, Taipei was requested to examine the remaining 6 trisomics. He presented good photographs of pachytene and somatic chromosomes and interpretation of the chromosome complement of the trisomics. On the basis of his observations and earlier findings of Dr. Kurata it was decided that extra chromosome of triplo-4 corresponds to chromosome 3. The earlier identification of triplo-8 was confirmed. There was considerable discussion on the identity of the remaining four trisomics but it was felt that additional information is needed to clarify their identification. lt was decided that Drs. H. K. Wu and K. K. Jena of IRRI will examine the remaining four trisomics. Dr. N. Kurata will also be requested to help in the cytological identification. Dr. G. S. Khush will coordinate and correspond with different laboratories. It is hoped that identification of all the trisomics will be completed by September 1988. As previously agreed the identification of the extra chromosomes will be based on pachytene length and morphology but it may be supplemented by information from features of somatic chromosomes, and features of trisomic plants.

3. Gene symbolization and nomenclature

The rules for gene symbolization were proposed in RGN 3 (pages 4-5). Since no objections were received from the members, the committee approved these rules. Issuance of a form for the registration of new genes was proposed by Dr. T. Kinoshita. Dr. Kinoshita will prepare the form and present it in the report of the committee on gene symbolization.

4. Genetic stocks

lt was decided that lists of gene stocks available in the two genetic stock centers will be published in RGN 4. Both the centers will preserve the duplicate seed samples of all the marker stocks. Lists of gene stocks not available at either stock center will be prepared and seeds will be requested by writing to the respective scientists.

5. Financial status

Financial status of the Rice Genetics Committee was reperted by Dr. D. Senadhira and Dr. Y. Fatsuhara. The report appears on the last page of this issue. It was decided to establish a life membership fee of $ 100.00.

M. S. Swaminathan, Chairman
T. Matsuo, Co-chairman