Editor's Note

H. I. OKA and G. S. KHUSH

The Rice Genetics Newsletter is a publication of the Rice Genetics Cooperative and a channel of communication among rice geneticists. The success of the cooperative depends upon the cooperation of the members. We request your cooperation particularly in the following matters:

1. Please send us research notes on your new findings in rice genetics for RGN 5, before the end of June 1988.

2. Please send us a list of your publications oii rice genetics, which are not listed in RGN 1, 2, 3 or 4.

3. Please check your address in the mailing list in RGN 2 and the supplement in RGN 3 and 4. If your address is incorrect or vou have moved to another location, please write to us giving your correct address.

4. Your comments and suggestions for the improvement of future issues of RGN are most welcome.