In memory of Dr. Bernard H. Siwi

Dr. Bernard Hendrik Siwi, a prominent figure in Indonesian agricultural research and development, died on February 11, 1987 of a complicated kidney malfunction. He was born in Liwitung, North Sulawesi on September 7, 1929.

Dr. Siwi received his BS degree from the Agricultural Research College at Bogor in 1956, and his MS degree from Texas A & M University in 1965. He undertook the necessary course work for his PhD at North Carolina State University and completed the degree at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos in 1975.

Dr. Siwi's research career began in 1952 when he joined Rice Research Institute working on rice breeding. Troughout his career he was primarily involved in the area of rice genetics and breeding. In addition, he held several important administrative positions, and was the Director of the Central Research Institute for Food Crops since 1983. Dr. Siwi played a significant role in releasing many leading varieties of rice and other food crops which have been important in the Indonesian self-sufficiency program for food. In recognition of his contributions to the country the government of Indonesia awarded him three honorary medals. He also received the "Distinguished Alumnus Award" from UPLB in October 1986.

Dr. Siwi was active in international cooperative programs such as the International Rice Testing Program coordinated by IRRI, collaborative programs with ESCAP and with IBPGR. He also served as a member of the Coordinating Committee of the RGC.

Dr. Siwi is survived by his wife, Dr. Sri Suharni Siwi, and daughter, Natalia Karolina Siwi. (by Z. Harahap)