Instruction to Authors About On Line Submission


  The Committee of Rice Genetics Newsletter (RGN) is grateful to announce that we publish On-line Journal of RGN from the vol. 22, 2005. We are expecting to communicate many articles to promote genetic researches in the rice community.

  Contributors may submit their research notes electronically at at anytime in the year. The editorial office of RGN will assemble all accepted notes into two issues annually. Issue no. 1 of each volume will appear in January and issue no. 2 will appear in July on the web-site through Oryzabase. Contents of newly uploaded volume and back numbers can be seen at the same site above.

  The editorial office suggest to submit your research notes by the end of May or November. The concept of RGN publication is same as it has been and is shown in the following. Please follow the "Manuscript Preparation" and "Submission" procedure when you submit your research note.


General Policy: The RGN is published by the RGC as a channel of communication among rice geneticists. Short articles reporting new findings in rice genetics are invited as research notes. Each article will be reviewed for acceptability by a referee and an editor. However, summaries of recent papers on rice genetics published by the RGC members in languages other than English may also be accepted as research notes. If you publish a full paper on the same subject as your research note, you are requested to cite your RGN paper as a reference. Your comments and suggestions for the improvement of further issues are most welcome.


Manuscript Preparation: Each paper should be in the form of an extended abstract in MS-Word.  1. Completely follow the format of research note.

2. The text should be single-spaced and in ten-point Times New Roman/Times font. Titles should be in bold and author names should be in uppercase letters.

3. The total number of Figures and Tables is limited to two display items.

4. References should be listed alphabetically, should follow the usual RGN format and placed at the end of the text.

5. All text, figures and/or tables, and figure legends of a paper should be adjusted to fit within a maximum of three pages. Combine all items in one MS-Word file before submission.

6. Further details on manuscript preparation can be obtained by consulting articles shown in vol. 22.




1.Manuscripts should be submitted at the electrical submission site at

2.Manuscripts will be subjected to review and a review report will be sent in around a month from the RGN office electrically.

3. Articles accepted .by the end of June or November will appear in July and January issues, respectively.

4. Japanese contributors are requested to support the cost of maintaining an electronic editorial system by paying the article charge of 5,000 yen/year. Upon accept of your article, please transfer the charge to the post office account below shown in Japanese.

  郵便振り込み口座 福岡 01760-2-54621 加入者名 RGC事務局

5. Fields you have to select on submission:

Fields names are presented on the submission site. The office will automatically send papers to appropriate referees according to the selected field for reviewing. The panel of referees will be changed every two years. See below the list of referees in years 2005 and 2006.


(1) Database and information

Y. Yamasaki

Y. Nagamura

R. Bruskiewich

(2)Genetic variation and evolution

Y. Sano

K. Okuno

K. McNally


(3) Morphological trait

H. Kitano

Y. Nagato

J. Bennett


(4) Physiological trait and others

K. Kadowaki

R. Ishikawa

A. Ismail


(5) Disease and insect resistance


T. Ishii

D. Brar


(6) Gene and genome structure

T. Tanisaka

K. Nonomura

H. Leung



The Editorial Office of RGN:

N. Kurata, Editor in chief, e-mail:

Plant Genetics Laboratory, Genetic Strains Research Center,

National Institute of Genetics,

Mishima, 411-8540 Japan



N. Kurata

NIG, Mishima, 411-8540 Japan



J. Bennett 

IRRI, DAPO Box 7777,

Metro Manila, Philippines,



H. Kitano (in charge in years 2005 and 2006)

Department of Agricultural Science, Nagoya University,

Chikusa, Nagoya, 464-8601 Japan