In memory of Dr. Man-emon Takahashi

Dr. Man-emon Takahashi, one of the most influential of rice scientists, has passed away at Mizusawa, Iwate, Japan on June 5th, 2004, at the age of 86. He was an Academician of the Japan Academy and Professor Emeritus of the Hokkaido University. He also served as President of the Rice Genetics Cooperative (1990-1995).

He made a lot of remarkable contributions to the development of rice genetics and breeding as shown in RGN Vol. 15, 1998. One of his outstanding contributions, a series of "Genetical studies on rice plant" has reached the one hundredth report by the cooperation with his coworkers in 1991. He also promoted the development of a new rice varietal improvement by the use of the molecular and cell breedings, as the President of the Hokkaido Green-Bio Institute during 1987-1995.

In recognition of his brilliant achievements, the Japanese government has awarded him the Rising Sun, Second Class in 1990 and chosen him as Person of Cultural Merit in 1995. He was a sincere gentleman and beloved deeply by everyone who has been associated with him for his warm-hearted personality.

(by Toshiro Kinoshita)