D. List of Genes and Genetic Stocks

1. Report of the Committee on Gene Symbolization,
Nomenclature and Linkage Groups

T. Kinoshita

The major task of the Committee is to enhance cooperation among rice geneticists on standardization of gene symbols and linkage groups. Proposals for rules of gene symbolization based on the international rules adopted by International Congress of Genetics (ICG) and International Rice Commission (IRC) and a list of recommended gene symbols was presented in Rice Genetics Newsletter 1 (p.2-15). Some additional rules seem to be necessary. In this volume, a supplement list of gene symbols and of marker genes belonging to different linkage groups is presented. We hope the members will follow the rules of gene symbolization while assigning the symbols for the newly identified genes and consult with the convenor of this committee before publishing the gene symbol.

This procedurd will help the investigator in choosing a reasonable and permanent gene symbol for his new mutant and will protect his priority.

a. List of gene symbols (Supplement)

ae       amylose extender
aph      apiculus hairs
bzs      bentazon susceptibility
ds-2(t)  desynapsis-2
ds-3(t)  desynapsis-3
ds-4(t)  desynapsis-4
ds-5(t)  desynapsis-5
ds-6(t)  desynapsis-6
ds-7(t)  desynapsis-7
ds-8(t)  desynapsis-8
ds-9(t)  desynapsis-9
ds-10(t) desynapsis-10
ds-11(t) desynapsis-11
du-2     dull endosperm-2
du-3     dull endosperm-3
Esb-a,b  Extra schlerenchymatous bands
         (complementary genes)
flo-1    floury endosperm-1
flo-2    floury endosperm-2
flo-3(t) floury endosperm-3
hca-1,2  hybrid chlorosis-a
         (duplicate genes)
hpr-1    hydroxyproline resistance-1
hpr-2(t) hydroxyproline resistance-2
hpr-3(t) hydroxyproline resistance-3
lgp      light green panicle
Nal-6(t) Narrow leaf-6
np       nude panicle
pcs      pentachlorobenzyl alcohol susceptibility
prs                          propanil susceptibility
rt                           root growth inhibition
S-4,Sa-4                     Hybrid sterility-4
Sn-5,Sj-5,Si-5,Sp-5          Hybrid sterility-5
Th                           Hard threshability
yp                           yellow panicle
Wxa,Wxb                      Waxy protein and amylose content
Xa-pt                        Xanthomonas campestris
                             pv. oryzae resistance-pt

Amp-11(Lap-F),               Aminopeptidase-1
Amp-21(Alap-A)               Aminopeptidase-2
Est-cl1(Est-Caa),            Esterase, cathodal band
Pgd-11(Pgd-Aa),              Phosphogluconate dehydrogenase-1
Sdh1(Sdh-Aa),                Shikimate dehydrogenase
b. List of marker genes belonging to the linkage groups (Supplement)

Gene                 Name                    Gene locus        Reference
Group I (Wx group)
Sn-5               Hybrid sterility-5         48                  5
Amp-1                Aminopeptidase-1           52                  21

Group II (Pl group)
flo-3(t)             floury endosperm-3         82                  11
Xa-kg                Xanthomonas campestris     121                 34
                     pv. oryzae resistance-kg

Group III (A group)
ga-7                 gametophyte gene-7          39                 9,12
ga-9                 gametophyte gene-9     1.3% from d-18h          12

Group IV (g-1 group)
Xa-4                 Xanthomonas campestris    triplo-7              31
                    pv. oryzae resistance-4
Xa-10                Xanthomonas campestris    27.4%-Xa-4            36
                   pv. oryzae resistance-10
rl(t)                rolled leaf               11.8%-lp-1            32

Group XI (bc-1 group)
Nal-6(t)             Narrow leaf-6                4                   6
al-10 (al-K-10)      albino-10                   110                  6
d-56 (d-K-7)         dwarf Kyushu-7              125                  6
drp-4                dripping-wet leaf-4         139                  6
spl-3                spotted leaf-3              146                  6
drp-3                dripping-wet leaf-3         146                  6

2. Report of the Committee on Genetic Stocks

T. Omura

The activites of this Committee aim at compiling and keeping records on rice genetic stocks available in different laboratories. This should facilitate the exchange of genetic stocks between rice geneticists. The Committee members are: Drs. T. Omura (convenor), T.T. Chang (IRRI), N. Iwata (Japan), K. Miezan (Ivory Coast), and S.D. Sharma (India).

We request all members of the RGC to send us the list of genetic stocks available with them. These should include gene markers stocks, spontaneous and induced mutants, chromosomal alterations, breeding lines with special characteristics, and stocks of wild species. Please provide us the information on the origin, source of variation, and references if any. We will appreciate receiving reprints of your publications dealing with these variants. We also appreciate receiving your correspondence regarding the exchange of seed stocks, particularly for the purpose of allelism test. Please address correspondence to any member of the Committee.

A "List of Genes and Genetic Stocks" was given in RGN Vol.1. A supplement to this list is given in this volume. In addition, lists of diploid lines induced by anther culture at Hokkaido University, Japan and of wild-rice stocks available in Japan are also included. The laboratories maintaining these stocks are indicated by a code. References to respective stocks are numbered and given in the chapter that follows. We are indebted to Dr. T. Kinoshita for cooperation in making the List of genes and genetic stocks.

Institution code

CA-Chugoku National Agricultural Experiment Station, Fukuyama, Hiroshima-ken, 721 Japan.

GI-Genetic Stock Center, National Institute of Genetics, Mishima, 411 Japan.

HA-Hokuriku National Agriculture Experiment Station, Inada, Joetsu, Niigata- ken, 943-01 Japan.

HK-Plant Breeding Institute, Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University, Kita 9, Nishi 9, Sapporo, 060 Japan.

IA-Laboratory of Genetics Resources, Research Institute of Agricultural Resources, Ishikawa Agricultural College, 1-308 Suematsu, Nonoichi-machi, Ishikawa-ken, 921 Japan.

IR-Rice Germplasm Center, International Rice Research Institute, PO Box 933, Manila, Philippines.

KG-Experiment Farm, Faculty of Agriculture, Kagoshima University, Kagoshima, 890 Japan.

KY-Plant Breeding Laboratory, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University, Hakozaki, Fukuoka, 812 Japan.

MA-Miyazaki Agricultural Experiment Station, Shimonaka, Sadohara, Miyazaki-gun, Miyazaki-ken, 880-02 Japan.

NAC-National Agriculture Research Center, Yatabe, Tsukuba Science City, Ibaraki-ken, 305 Japan.

NA-National Institue of Agrobiological Resources, Tsukuba Science City, Ibaraki-ken,305 Japan.

NG-Faculty of Agriculture, Nagoya University, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464 Japan.

ORC-Radiation Center of Osaka Prefecture, Sakai, 593 Japan.

PU-Department of Plant Breeding, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, 141004 India.

UC-Genetics Laboratory, University of Calicut, Calicut, Kerala, 673511 India.

US-Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agronomy and Range Science Department, University of California Davis, CA 95616, USA.

YA-Laboratory of Plant Breeding, Faculty of Agriculture, Yamagata University, Tsuruoka, 997 Japan.

a. List of marker genes (Supplement)

Gene              Character          Linkage  Chromo-      Strain     Reference
Symbol                                group    some      (Institute)                       
2. Chlorophyll aberration
hca-1            hybrid chlorosis-a                      J-147(GI)         27
hca-2            (duplicate genes)                       J-321(GI)

lgp              light green panicle                    M-101(lgp)(US)     20
                     and leaves

yp               yellow panicle                         ESD7-3(yp)(US)     20
                 pleiotropic effect to
                 yellow green leaves,
                 early maturation

4. Spikelet or grain
ae               amylose extender                       EM10,129(Kinmaze  28,35

du-1             dull endosperm-1                7      EM12,57(Kinmaze   18,28

du-2             dull endosperm-2                       EM2,15(Kinmaze    18,28

du-3             dull endosperm-3                       EM23,69(Kinmaze   18,28

flo-1            floury endosperm-1                     EM17(Kinmaze      18,28

flo-2            floury endosperm-2                     EM36(Kinmaze      18,28

flo-3(t)         floury endosperm-3   II        11      MA-50(Shiokari    10,11

o*               opaque endosperm                       ESD7-3(o)(US)       20
                   (floury endosperm)

aph              apiculus hairs                         f.145(GI)           26

Th               Hard threshability                      PR476(PU)           8

Wxa              Waxy protein and       I       6        C8005(GI)        22,24
                 amylose content in
Wxb              endosperm                               T65(GI)

5. Panicle
np               nude panicle,                           CH1039np(UC)       19
                 sparse setting of
                 abnormal spikelets

6. Leaf, culm and root
Esb-a            Extra schlerenchymatous                                     30
                 band in the stem
Esb-b            (complimentary genes)

Nal-6(t)         Narrow leaf-6          XI       5       CM1737(Kinmaze       6

rt               root growth inhibition                  rm(Fukei 71         33

8. Sterility
ds-2(t)          desynapsis-2                            MM-1(KY)            7

ds-3(t)          desynapsis-3                            MM-3(KY)            7

ds-4(t)          desynapsis-4                            MM-5(KY)            7

ds-5(t)          desynapsis-5                            MM-8(KY)            7

ds-6(t)          desynapsis-6                            MM-9(KY)            7

ds-7(t)          desynapsis-7                            MM-10(KY)           7

ds-8(t)          desynapsis-8                            MM-11(KY)           7

ds-9(t)          desynapsis-9                            MM-13(KY)           7

ds-10(t)         desynapsis-10                          MM-14(KY)           7

ds-11(t)         desynapsis-11                          MM-18(KY)           7

S-4,Sa-4      F\1\ sterility in hetero-                  Taichung 65       23
              zygote, Sa-4/S-4 found                     semi-st(GI)
              in Oryza sativa L.

Sn-5          F\1\ semi-sterility in                     Ketan Nangka(NA)   4,5
Sj-5          heterozygote, Si-5/Sj-5                    Akihikari(NA)      4,5
Si-5          or Si-5/Sp-5                               IR-50(NA)          4,5
Sp-5                                                     Penu Baru II(NA)   4,5

11. Fungal and bacterial disease resistance
Xa-pt          Bacterial blight                          IR944-102-          16
               resistance-pt                             2-3(IR)

14. Isozymes
Amp-11         Aminopeptidase-1, Leu-NA  I       6       221,T65(GI)         21
(Lap-F)        substrate (slow band)  

Amp-12         do. (fast band)                           868,C8669(GI)       21

Amp-21         Aminopeptidase-2,Ala-NA                   221,T65(GI)         21
(Alap-A)       substrate (slow band)

Amp-22         do. (fast band)                           414,868,C8669(GI)   21

Est-cl1        Esterase, cathodal band                   221,T65(GI)         21
(Est-Caa)      group (slow band)

Est-cl2        do. (fast band)                           414,868,C8669(GI)   21

Pgd-11         Phosphogluconate dehydro-                 221,T65 (GI)        21
(Pgd-Aa)       genase-1 (slow band)

Pgd-12         do. (intermediate band)                   C8669(GI)           21

Pgd-13         do (fast band)                            868(GI)             21

Sdh1           Shikimate dehydrogenase                   C8669(GI)           21
(Sdh-Aa)              (slow band)

Sdh2           do (intermediate band)                    221,T65(GI)         21

Sdh3           do (fast band)                            414(GI)             21

15. Chemical resistance
bzs             bentazon susceptibility                  M-803R mutant(HK)   15
hpr-1         hydroxyproline resistance-1                HYP101(ORC)        2,3
hpr-2(t)      hydroxyproline resistance-2                HYP202(ORC)        2,3
hpr-3(t)      hydroxyproline resistance-3                HYP303(ORC)        2,3
pcs           pentachlorobenzyl alcohol                  Norin 22(CA)        29

prs           propanil susceptibility                    Norin 8 mutant   13,14
                                                         No. 408(HK)
* Allelism tests are needed for the identification with flo genes.

b. Diploid lines with marker genes obtained by anther culture

(HK: Plant Breeding Institute, Hokkaido University)

Strain   Marker                                                  Origin 
  No.    genes                                                (Strain or cross)
AC-1   CBr,A,P,Pr,Rc,Rd,I-Bf+                             A-5 Akamuro
2      do.                                                    do.
3      do.                                                    do.
4      do.                                                    do.
5      do.                                                    do.
6      do.                                                    do.
7      do.                                                    do.
8      do.                                                    do.
9      CB,A,P,lg,wx                                         H-59 x H-120
10     CB,Ad,P,Hl-a,Hl-b,lg,wx                                do.
11     CB,Ad,P,Pr,wx                                      A-58 x H-59
12     do.                                                    do.
13     do.                                                    do.
14     CB,A,P,lg,wx                                         H-59 x H-120
15     CB,A,P,Hl-a,Hl-b                                       do.
16     do.                                                    do.
17     CB,Ad,P,Pl,lg                                      H-59 x H-126
18     do.                                                    do.
19     do.                                                    do.
20     CB,Ad,P,Hg,wx                                      do.
21     do.                                                    do.
22     do.                                                    do.
23     do.                                                    do.
24     CBr,A,P,Pr,Rc,Rd,d-2,la                              H-107 x H-59
25     do.                                                    do.
26     do.                                                    do.
27     do.                                                    do.
28     CB, A,P, lg,wx                                       A-5 x H-59
29     do.                                                    do.
30     do.                                                    do.
31     CBr,Ad,P,Rc,lg                                         do.
32     CB,Ad,P,Pr,Rc,lg                                       do.
33     CBr,A,P,Rc,Rd,I-Bf+,lg                             H-59 x A-5
34     do.                                                    do.
35     do.                                                    do.

36     CB,A,P,Pl,d-6                                        A-58 x H-126
37     CB,A,P,Pr,wx                                           do.
38     do.                                                    do.
39     CB,A,P,Pl,Hg,d-6,wx                                    do.
40     do.                                                    do.
41     do.                                                    do.

42     CBr,A,P,Rc,Rd,I-Bf+,lg                             H-59 x A-5
43     do.                                                    do.
44     do.                                                    do.
45     CBp,A,P,Hg,lg,wx                                     H-59 x H-126
46     do.                                                    do.
47     do.                                                    do.
48     do.                                                    do.
49     Dn,d-6                                                 do.
50     CBp,A,P,Pr,nl-l,fs-1                                 H-69 x A-5
51     do.                                                    do.
52     CBp,A,P,I-Bf+,nl-1                                     do.
53     do.                                                    do.
54     do.                                                    do.
55     do.                                                    do.
56     do.                                                    do.
57     CBp,A+,P,Rc                                            do.
58     do.                                                    do.
59     CBr,A+,P,Rc                                        do.
60     d-2,la,lg                                              H-79 x A-58
61     do.                                                    do.
62     do.                                                    do.
63     do.                                                    do.
64     do.                                                    do.
65     bc-1,d-2,g-1,chl(t)                                    H-79 x H-82
66     bc-1,d-2,g-1                                           H-82 x H-69
67     CBp,A,P,Pr                                           H-126 x A-58
68     do.                                                    do.
69     Pl                                                     do.
70     do.                                                    do.
71     do.                                                    do.
72     do.                                                    do.
73     CBr,A+,P,I-Bf+                                   H-150 x A-5
74     do.                                                    do.
75     do.                                                    do.
76     CBr,A+,P,I-Bf+                                   H-150 x A-5
77     do.                                                    do.
78     do.                                                    do.
79                                                            H-79 x A-58
80     d-2,lg,bc-1                                            do.
81     do.                                                    do.
82     do.                                                    H-79 x H-82
83     do.                                                    do.
84     do.                                                    do.

C. List of genetic stocks of wild-rice species preserved in Japan

Species                   Origin                   No. of strains preserved at
                                                   GI**          NAC  NA   KG
perennis Moench *       Asia
(=rufipogon Griff.)      Bangladesh             9(15)
                         Burma                  22(202)
                         China                  34(122)
                         Taiwan                 3(40)
                         India                  204(1439)         1   62   80
                         Indonesia              7(25)                       1
                         Cambodia               5(13)
                         Malaysia               16(93)
                         Nepal                  1(33)
                         Philippines            2(16)
                         Sri Lanka              12(131)
                         Thailand               147(860)          1
                         Australia              17(180)
                         Brazil                 19(368)
                         Colombia               1(14)
                         Cuba                   5(58)
                         Guyana                 1(8)
                         Surinam                2(50)
                        Unknown                                   1
longistaminata A. Chev. et Roerhr. 
                         Cameroun                3(9)
                         Dahomey                 2(8)
                         Ghana                   18(62)
                         Guinea                  6(15)
                         Ivory Coast             11(19)
                         Madagascar              2(3)
                         Mali                    14(130)
                         Niger                   1(1)
                         Nigeria                 40(155)
                         Congo                   1(1)
                         South Africa            1(2)
                         Sierra Leone            6(11)
                         Tanzania                4(4)
                         Gambia                  6(11)
                        Unknown                  5(38)            2
breviligulata A. Chev. et Roehr. (=barthii A. Chev.)
                        Botswana                2(8)
                        Cameroun                5(11)
                        Chad                    5(42)
                        Guinea                  53(211)
                        Ivory Coast             5(15)
                        Mali                    17(232)
                        Niger                   2(140)
                        Nigeria                 19(221)
                        Sierra Leone            6(57)
                        Sudan                   212(540)
                        Tanzania                3(5)
                        Gambia                  8(63)
                       Unknown                  8(47)
australiensis Domin    Oceania
                        Australia               8(13)             1
eichingeri A. Peter    Africa
                        Uganda                  10(43)
                       Unknown                                    4
punctata Kotschy et Steud. 
                        Cameroun                2(29)
                        Chad                    3(38)
                        Ghana                   2(31)
                        Kenya                   1(9)
                        Nigeria                 6(61)
                        Tanzania                1(6)
                        Congo                   1(15)
                       Unknown                  2(36)             3
officinalis Wall. ex Watt. 
                        Brunei                  12(50)
                        Burma                   3(97)             1
                        China                   2(10)
                        India                   3(24)             2
                        Indonesia               3(11)
                        Malaysia                22(108)           1
                        Philippines             20(72)
                        Vietnam                 1(4)              1
                        Sri Lanka               5(20)             2
                        Thailand                6(50)             1
                       Unknown                  6(42)
minuta J.S. Presl.ex Chandl. 
                        Philippines             14(55)            1
                       Unknown                  3(19)             2
latifolia Devs.        America
                        Argentina               1(12)
                        Colombia                1(4)
                        Costa Rica              4(30)
                        Cuba                    2(20) 
                        Guatemala               6(67)
                        Guyana                  1(8)
                        Mexico                  2(25)
                        Panama                  1(15)
                        Paraguay                1(21)
                        Surinam                 2(14)
                       Unknown                  6(62)              2
alta Swallen           America
                        Surinam                 1(8)
                       Unknown                  2(12)              1
grandiglumis (Doell)Prod. 
                        Brazil                  7(24)              1
meyeriana (Zoll.et Mor.)Baill. (=granulata Nees et Arn. ex Watt.)
                        Burma                   1(13)
                        China                   1(3)
                        India                   2(9)
                        Indonesia               2(4)
                        Malaysia                13(39)
                        Sri Lanka               1(10)
                        Thailand                1(18)
                       Unknown                  1(6)
ridleyi Hook f.        Asia
                        Malaysia                1(5)
                        Thailand                1(3)
longiglumis Jansen     Asia
                        Indonesia               13(66)
brachyantha A. Chev. et Roehr.
                        Cameroun                3(8)
                        Chad                    1(2)
                        Guinea                  2(22)
                        Mali                    3(12)
                        Sierra Leone            7(26)
                       Unknown                  1(1)
perrieri A. Gamus      Africa
                        Madagascar              1(7)
tisseranti A. Chev.    Africa
                        Cameroun                1(7)
                       Guinea                   1(5)
coarctata Roxb.        Asia
                        India                   1(19)              1
*includes sativa L.f. spontnea Roschev. and sativa L. var. fatua Prain.

** Some of accessions preserved at National Institute of Genetics, Japan (GI) are population samples. Numbers in parenthesis show the number of lines. For instance, 22(202) means that there are 22 accessions consisting of 202 lines in total.

(Compiled by Y. Sano)

Chromosomal variations in wild rice (Institute: IA)

Species                         Chromosomal variations              References
Oryza punctata                  haploid                                  1
subsp. schweinfurthiana

Oryza alta                      chimeric plants by chromosome            1
                                elimination (2n=22-36)

oryza alta triploid                                                      1