Advices to Contributors of Research Notes

General Policy: The Rice Genetics Newsletter is a publication of the Rice Genetics Cooperative, and is a channel of communication among rice geneticists. Short articles reporting new findings in rice genetics are invited as research notes. Recent papers on rice genetics published by the members in languages other than English may be briefly rewritten as research notes. If you publish a full paper on the same subject as your research note, you may make citation of your RGN paper as a references. Your comments and suggestions for the betterment of future issues are most welcome. The success of the Cooperative depends upon the cooperation of the members.

Manuscript Preparation: Each note should be in the form of an abstract, typewritten double-spaced throughout on one side of A4 paper. In principle, a note should be within two printed pages. References should be given when citation is made in the text. A few tables and/or figures evidencing the findings reported are welcome, but table should be small in size and concisely written. The author is requested to submit two sets of manuscripts. In writing the manuscript, please carefully follow the style we use, by referring to previous issues of RGN. When deemed necessary, manuscripts received may be edited with approval of the author (except for minor changes). If the manuscript is prepared on a word processor, please send a floppy disk with a text file after the manuscript is finally accepted (not at the first submission). Preference is files in MS-Word for Macintosh on 3.5" diskette. For texts on MS-DOS, please send 3.5" FD with the text saved as ASCII file. Photographs or figures of high quality suitable for the cover of RGN are welcome. It is preferred, but not essential, that these should be related to submitted research notes.

Submission: Manuscripts for the issue of the year should be received by the editor by the end of August. Manuscripts for RGN 15 should be addressed either to:

Y. Sano

Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University Sapporo 060 Japan

Tel: 011-706-2439, Fax: 011-706-4934
e-mail: rysano@abs.agr.hokudai.ac.jp


G.S. Khush

IRRI, P. 0. Box 933, Manila, Philippines

Tel: 63-2-818-1926, Fax: 63-2-818-2087


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