E. Information

I. Rice genetic resources and genome databases on the internet


National Institute of Genetics, Mishima, 411 Japan

Accumulation of rice genetic resources which have been collected and developed in this century has widely contributed to rice researches. Recent advances in rice genome researches brought an enormous amount of information which is of outstanding importance to researchers in many areas of genetics, agronomy and biology.

Here we present a selection of database server sites offering rice-related information. Table 1 gives a listing of the WWW addresses (as of October 1997) where the genetic resources information is available.

The database servers listed in Table 2 provide the genome information including genetic map, physical map and DNA clones. cDNA and DNA marker sequence data is widely available from DNA databank (DDBJ/EMBL/Genebank).

Cartinhour (1997), Jackson (1997) and Nakagahra et al. (1997) overviewed the current status of rice genetic resources conservation, informatics and the policy for germplasm management.

We believe that the availability of these information will make feasible a wide range of studies and promote activities of rice research community.


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