Update information - Rice Database Oryzabase


  • Dec. :
  • We are pleased to release New Oryzabase (beta version).

    Link to next version V4 beta was added to the top page.

    Physical maps were updated based on the latest public data ( IRGSP Build 5 ).

  • Oct. :
  • acterial blight resistance reaction in wild accessions(2010) were added.

  • Aug. :
  • Sequence of build5 were added in Sequence Cutter.

  • Jun. :
  • The Rice-NBRP start to charge handling fees for request of resources from the current fiscal year (2010). Kyushu university, one of the resource center for mutant lines and chromosome substitution lines etc, began charging for their resources from April 2010 . Another resource center, the National Institute of Genetics will begin charging from October 2010.

  • May. :
  • INSD release 177 was included.

    RGN ( Rice Genetics Newsletter ) vol.25 has been released. 

  • Mar. :
  • Phenotype data of Induced Mutation Lines[KCM]was added.

  • Feb. :
  • INSD release 173 was included.

    Chromosome Substitution Lines(GILs,glumILs,merILs ) were added.