Update information - Rice Database Oryzabase


  • Nov :
  • The core collection page was updated.

    A strain submission page was added.

    A mutant image submission page was added.

    A core collection page was added.

  • Oct :
  • A tools section was added to the top page.

    The NKMap was updated according to the latest RGP information.

    A phenotype information of some strains was added.

    A gene symbol, Pb1, was added and several gene symbols were updated.

  • Jun :
  • The RGN Office information was added.

  • May :
  • The rice DNA Sequence(DDBJ ver.45) information was added.

    A strain search service was added.

    The advance searching is now available.

    For example, you can do a more detailed search for a query arising from the search results.

  • Mar :
  • The Latest High-Density Rice Genetic Map was added.

    The Gene Class was updated.